Yoon Kye Sang confirmed to lead “Day of Kidnapping”

Yoon Kye Sang will be the main lead of the upcoming drama “Day of Kidnapping.”

On October 13th, it was officially confirmed that Yoon Kye Sang will play the role of the main character in the drama “Day of Kidnapping.” The series will premiere in 2023. 

“Day of Kidnapping” will be the latest work of director Park Yoo Young and writer Kim Je Young. The upcoming series will showcase the special cooperation of a clumsy kidnapper and an 11-year-old genius girl. The series will base its story on a novel of the same name.

Yoon Kye Sang will give life to the character named Kim Myung Joon. He is a first-time kidnapper who captures an 11-year-old girl so that he can pay for her daughter’s hospital bills. He will get involved in an unexpected incident and is suddenly chased by a murder suspect.

The actor shared his side as he accepts the drama, “I’m glad to greet everyone with new work. The subject is interesting and I’m looking forward to how a clumsy kidnapper and a genius girl’s cooperation will get viewed by the audience. I’ll prepare hard for the drama and greet you all.”

There are no details yet on who will portray the genius girl that Kim Myung Joon will kidnap.

“Day of Kidnapping” will premiere in 2023. There are no reports yet on which broadcast station it will air. 

This is the second upcoming drama of Yoon Kye Sang since he got married. He is also confirmed to lead the upcoming drama “The Married Couple Is Jobless” with Jung Ryeo Won. 

The actor started the year with Disney+ original drama “Kiss Sixth Sense” with Seo Ji Hye, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Joo Yeon, Tae In Ho, and Kim Ga Eun


Which child actress do you wish to see portray the role of the genius girl?

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