What If My Life Was a Thriller K-Drama?

Ever wondered what that would be like? I’d be lying if I say I haven’t.

To have my life upturned by a series of murders related to me somehow. (No, I’m not the murderer)

To fall in love with someone only to find that they’re from the future, here to kill me, but end up saving me instead?

To realize I have magical powers that allow me to see the dead, and a village full of dead people who are stuck there because their bodies can’t be found. And now I’m following around this reluctant uncle who is searching for their bodies and his missing daughter?

Okay, maybe not in the detail I’ve given, but at one point we’ve all hoped to be magically sucked into this world.

  • Note 1: This article is a derivation of What If My Life Was a Korean Drama? by @Mridu, so be sure to give that a read!
  • Note 2: This article contains mild to a little serious spoilers for some dramas, so proceed with caution.
  • Note 3: This looks way better in dark mode, trust me.


I’ve always had this question nagging me in the back of my head:

“What if I was a detective?”

Now, realistically, with my observational and problem-solving skills, I’d say becoming a detective is a one-off dream, but considering this entire article is a simulation of sorts, I’d probably be a genius who was born to solve crimes in this reality.

And just my luck, I’m partnered with the most experienced detective on the squad who happens to be just below the captain in authoritative stature, and just like in The Good Detective, is being suspected of framing someone in a case he solved 10 years ago. He insists that everything is in order, but naturally I don’t believe him and am, of course, really nosy – and I mean to the level where I break into his house to find out what really happened 10 years ago. Because the first place you need to look for evidence logs is in a house.

Obviously, he finds me because, just as I am in real life, my imaginary counterpart is extremely clumsy. He tells me what happened 10 years ago, that he and his partner were investigating a massive conglomerate that had several reports of human violation and trafficking, but that getting too close to the answer cost his partner’s life, and about how he was forced to close the case because of pressure from his higher ups, leading to an innocent person being framed.

He says I’m more than welcome to finish solving the case now, but isn’t responsible for anything that happens to me. He helps me anyway, and we discover the claims of human trafficking were just a cover-up for the murders that took place to silence the people who discovered the conglomerate was involved in narcotics.

We arrest the involved parties, the trial is completed, but all this while I’ve been hiding a secret. Something that threatens to ruin everything I’ve built with my senior.


Ever since I watched Taxi Driver, I thought it would be fun to be part of a secret organization that initiates revenge for those in need of it. Of course I would be the suave, extremely charming lead who takes the initiative, and, of course, I have my trusty team to rely on. But as always, we have someone chasing us, and surprise, surprise, it’s my love interest…

No, no wait. No love interest here. Here’s the article for that.

So, it’s not my love interest, but let’s say, for continuity purposes, that it’s my partner who is chasing me down. Yes, I am a police officer who takes matters into her own hands, and the next mission for my partner is to find me.

Now, my partner and I arrest a Chaebol heir, and because it’s a K-Drama, his family immediately bails him out. That’s when we run into Doctor Prisoner, who is on his own mission of revenge, and more specifically, against the same guy I’ve been plotting my revenge on. We now plan our revenge together, but my partner is closing in on us, way too close for my comfort. I try to throw him off the scent, but that only brings him closer to finding my other identity. This all culminates in a huge showdown car chase with him catching me, and ultimately letting me off because I didn’t report him for his past misdemeanors.
The revenge is finally exacted, and all is well, that is until this turns into a murder show.


 “What if I know a serial killer?” (I really hope I don’t in real life)

Really though, what if I knew a serial killer? After the fiasco with my hidden identity and all, my partner finally decides to retire, and now I’m the senior dealing with a rookie. Just in time, because for the past few weeks someone’s been murdering young men and women who are seemingly related in no way at all. My partner and I seem to get nowhere, until the killer issues a public challenge, asking me to solve the mystery of his identity or he’s going to murder my brother.
Unfortunately, I’m unable to do it, and my brother is murdered before my eyes. After this, I become inconsolable, until the murderer makes another public demand, saying that my partner should be sent to them within 5 days in exchange for the lives of his next 5 victims. I adamantly refuse because I cannot lose another person I know, since, despite myself, I’ve grown fond of this kid. We finally decide to put our heads together and solve it somehow within those 5 days, and during the final hours I realize all the victims are related to the rookie.
He finally reveals his backstory: he grew up in an orphanage, and day by day saw kids getting adopted, except for him. He wasn’t the only one, though. There was a special section of kids that just never seemed to get adopted. One day, he discovered that they were in fact lab rats, not orphans, and that his parents willingly gave him away for research. This would, of course, lead the rest of the team to suspect him, but something doesn’t sit right with me.
It finally hits us. There was one person unaccounted for, erased from all the records, Rookie’s twin sister. She was also used for research, but ultimately, when the experiment didn’t pan out as wanted with her, she was abandoned. We race to find her, and in the face off, she explains that she had to live her life alone and disfigured, when the rest of them got to live peacefully after the lab was shut down. She forgives Rookie, but refuses to go to jail. She shoots at him before escaping. Rookie does pull through, the hunt for his sister continues, and we keep working together.

Every story has a conclusion, and so does this. What happens after this case is up to the imagination: yours and mine. Does our lead get involved in the mystery of a cult, entangled with zombies, or gain the ability to see ghosts? We don’t know. Or we don’t know until part 2 comes out.

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