Upcoming movie “Persona: Strange Woman” unveils its main leads

Park Ho San, Jeon Hye Yeon, and Bang Eun Hee are confirmed to lead the upcoming movie “Persona: Strange Woman” (literal translation).

AIIM Communications shared on October 24th that Park Ho San, Jeon Hye Yeon, and Bang Eun Hee will be the main leads of the film. They also shared that the filming of the movie already started. 

The upcoming film will be helmed by director Jung Hyung Seok, the grand prize winner at the 2018 Jeonju International Film Festival. This will also be his fourth film since his debut. 

“Persona: Strange Woman” will revolve around the truth and lies about the director of a theater company and an actress who graduated from Seoul National University.  

The upcoming film will be produced by Park Ho San, Bang Eun Hee, Kwon Tae Won, Kim Geum Soon, and other theater actors that are currently active in Daehak-to.

Park Ho San will play the role of Hae Young, the representative, and director of the theater company. This film will be added to his upcoming projects. He will join the upcoming films “Girls in the Cage” and “Beautiful Woman.” This year, the actor has been busy with several dramas such as “Tracer,” “Monstrous,” “Today’s Webtoon,” and “Hunted.” 

Jeon Hye Yeon will play the role of Hyeri. She joined the theater company after graduating from the prestigious school, Seol National University. This will be the second time that she will be working with Park Ho San. The two worked together in the series “Today’s Webtoon.” This will also be her debut film. 

Meanwhile, Bang Eun Hee will play the role of Eun Jung, the senior who silently supports her juniors in the play. This film will be her comeback to the big screen after four years. She was last seen in the 2022 drama “The Secret House.” 


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