Upcoming Korean film “Ditto” reveals its premiere date!

Upcoming Korean romance movie “Ditto” announces its premier date alongside a new trailer! 

On October 20th, a new video teaser was released featuring the main leads Yeo Jin Goo, Jo Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk. Through the trailer, it was also revealed that the film will be available for viewing in South Korean theaters beginning on November 16.

“Ditto” is a remake of the 2000 movie of the same name led by Kim Ha Neul, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Yong Woo, and Ha Ji Won. The upcoming film will be a time-defying, youth romance that tells the story of Kim Yong who is from the year 1999 and Mu Nee who lives in the year 2022. They accidentally start communicating through an old radio, which may remind viewers of the 2016 tvN hit Kdrama Signal. 

The trailer released, showcased the different kinds of romance felt by the five main characters of the film.

Watch the trailer here: 

Yeo Jin Goo will portray the role of Yong from 1999. He is a mechanical engineering student at a university. In the teaser, he showcases the purity of a young person who has just started to express his love. He confessed his feelings to his first love named Han Sol.

Jo Yi Hyun will play the role of Mu Nee who is from the present day. She is a freshman who has been in a one-sided love for seven years. She has been waiting for the right time to confess her true feelings. 

Meanwhile, Han Sol (played by Kim Hye Yoon) showcases her happy expression while paying attention to Yong who is currently confessing his feelings for her. She portrays the happy feeling of someone in love. 

Na In Woo will portray the role of Young Ji, the person who has been friends with Mu Nee for seven years. 

Bae In Hyuk on the other hand will portray the character named Eun Sung, the person who gives relationship and love advice to Yong. He is the best supporter of a friend who’s in love. 

The upcoming movie “Ditto” is expected to capture the hearts of the viewers this coming fall. 


Do you wish for the movie to also be available for the International audience, also known as most of us here on MyDramaList?

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