tvN confirms the full cast of the upcoming series “Umbrella”

tvN unveiled the full cast lineup of their upcoming historical drama “Umbrella.”

On August 26th, it was confirmed that Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, Choi Won Young, Kim Eui Sung, Moon Sang Min, SF9’s Chani, Ok Ja Yeon, Kim Ga Eun, Yoo Sun Ho, and Kim Min Ki will be the cast of the series “Umbrella.” It was also revealed that the drama would premiere this coming October. 

“Umbrella” will revolve around the troublemaker princes and their mother Im Hwa Ryeong. The princes in the palace always cause headaches to the royal family. The queen, Im Hwa Ryeong will do her best to make them as decent crown princes. Unlike the usual elegance, a queen possesses, Im Hwa Ryeong is rather hot-tempered and sensitive. 

The production team of the series shared, “We are confident about the teamwork of the cast even though it’s not that long since we’ve worked together. As actors from different generations are cast, we will make sure to put out our full effort to prepare the drama for the enjoyment of viewers.”

“Umbrella” will reportedly be part of the Saturday and Sunday drama timeslot of tvN. It will have 16 episodes. 

Kim Hye Soo will play the role of Im Hwa Ryeong, the queen of Joseon, wife of the great King, and the mother to troublemaker princes. The actress will portray the role of both the queen and a mother at the same time. 

Kim Hae Sook will give life to the role of the mother-in-law of Queen Im Hwa Ryeong. Although he loves the King a lot, he doesn’t have the same feeling toward his grandchildren, the princes. 

Choi Won Young will play the role of the King named Lee Ho. He is the husband of Im Hwa Ryeong. 
Meanwhile, the troublemaker princes will be played by Moon Sang Min, SF9’s Chani, Yoo Sun Ho, and Kim Min Ki. They will showcase different kinds of personalities. 


Are you excited to see Kim Hye Soo in a historical comedy drama?

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