“Today’s Webtoon” unveils Kim Se Jeong’s still cuts!

SBS released the first teaser photos featuring the main lead, Kim Se Jeong.

On June 30th, SBS released several still cuts of main lead Kim Se Jeong. SBS released photos of the character On Ma Eum with her sunshine smile. Showcasing that the character has a positive mind and energy regardless of the situation or location.  

“Today’s Webtoon” will be a new project by director Jo Soo Won (“Pinocchio” and “I Hear Your Voice”) and writer Jo Hyun Joo. The series will air next month. It will be part of the Friday and Saturday drama timeslot of SBS. 

The upcoming drama will base its story on the Japanese drama titled “Juhan Shuttai!” (Sleepeeer Hit!).

“Today’s Webtoon” is the Korean version and it will revolve around On Ma Eum, a former judo player who decided to enter the webtoon industry. The series will showcase the happenings inside a webtoon office. It will feature the growth and struggles of the office workers. 

Kim Se Jeong will play the role of On Ma Eum. She had to quit her athletic career because of an injury. She then decided to enter the webtoon industry. She has been picked among several promising candidates for her role in the industry. She is a positive icon who is always cheerful whatever the situation is. 

The production team commented on Kim Se Heong and her portrayal of her role. They stated, “Kim Se Jeong’s bright and positive image is very evident as she portrays her role. She does her best and gives her whole heart to the role. Kim SE Jeong is also the mood maker in the set and does not lose her smile. Please look forward to our drama as we showcase the energy that can be a source of strength to the viewers who experiences hard and tiring daily life.”

“Today’s Webtoon” will air its first episode on July 29th, 2022, at 10 PM KST. It will replace the “Why Her?” timeslot.

“Today’s Webtoon” will be the second drama of Kim Se Jeong for 2022. She started the year with “A Business Proposal” which became a global hit. 

It was also recently reported that Kim Se Jeong is set to return to the second season of “The Uncanny Counter.” 

Many are already anticipating on her next drama and how she will portray a new lively character. 


Are you going to watch the upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon”?

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