Sung Hoon to lead a new webtoon based drama!

Sung Hoon will be starring in a new action noir drama.

On September 7th, Sung Hoon’s agency Stallion Entertainment announced that the actor will be the main lead role in the upcoming drama titled “My Heart is Beating” (literal translation).

“My Heart is Beating” will be the new drama by director Cho Dong Oh and writer Jung Won Jung. The series will base its story on the webtoon of the same name by Park In Kwon. 

The upcoming series will showcase the bromance of rough men. It will revolve around Kang Woo Joo, the current president of Taebong Construction and a former problem solver of the gang Sanho faction. 

Sung Hoon will play the role of Kang Woo Joo. He is a smart person with great fighting skills that’s why he is trusted well by the boss of the gang. He is currently working as the president of  Taebong Construction.

There are no other details yet on who will work alongside Sung Hoon in the upcoming drama. 

“My Heart is Beating” will begin filming in the second half of the year.

This will be the next drama of Sung Hoon after the Korean remake “Woo Ri the Virgin.” Just recently, the actor was the center of controversy for the attitude and manners he showed during his guesting on the variety program “Lined Up Restaurants.” The actor then apologized for his behavior through his agency and shared that he will be more careful in the future. 

Sung Hoon made his acting debut in 2011. He has starred in several dramas such as “New Tales of Gisaeng,” “Faith,” “The Birth of a Family,” “Oh My Venus,” “My Secret Romance,” “The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot,” “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce),” and more. 


Which actors should work alongside Sung Hoon in the upcoming noir action drama?

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