South Korean Film “Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons” confirms its premiere Date!

The much-awaited period film “Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons” will officially hit theaters in July!

On June 24th, it was confirmed that “Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons” will premiere on July 27th in Korean theaters. It was also confirmed that Park Hae Il, Byun Yo Han, 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon, Kim Sung Gyu, Ahn Sung Ki, Son Hyun Joo will be leading the film. 

“Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons” is the sequel to the movie “The Admiral: Roaring Currents.” It is the second installment of the Sun Shin Trilogy Project of director Kim Han Min (“Roaring Currents: The Road of the Admiral,” “Sunflower Blues,” “War of the Arrows,” “The Hunt,” and “War of the Arrows”).

The film will tell the story of the Battle of Hansando and the Battle of the Korean Navy. The movie will showcase the happenings of how they kept Joseon safe against Japanese forces.

Park Hae Il will play the character Yi Sun Shin. Byu Yo Han will give life to the character named Wakisaka. Ahn Sung Ki will be Eo Yeong Dam, Son Hyun Joo as Won Gyun, Kim Seong Gyu will play the role of Gato, Ok Taec Yeon will be Im Joon Young, Kim Hyang Gi will be Jeong Bo Reum, and Gong Myung will play as Yi Eokgi.

Many are already anticipating the sequel film. The first part of the movie achieved over 17.61 million, a Korean box office record. 

“Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons” will be distributed by Lotte Entertainment and it will be available in theaters starting July 27, 2022.

This will be one of the upcoming films of Park Hae Il. He will also lead the upcoming movies “Weekend Prince” and “Control.” 

Byun Yo Han is also booked for the year. Aside from “Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons,” He will also be part of the film “She Died” and the drama “Death to Snow White.” 

This movie will be the comeback of Ok Taec Yeon in the movie scene after five years. 


Are you going to watch the upcoming movie “Hansan: The Emergence of Dragons”?

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