Song Kang Ho to make his drama debut after 32 years in the industry!

Song Kang Ho will be the main lead of the upcoming drama by director  Shin Yeon Shick.

On August 30th, it was confirmed that Song Kang Ho will be making his debut on the small screen through the series “Uncle Samsik.” The upcoming drama will be directed, written, and produced by director  Shin Yeon Shick (“Cassiopeia” and “One Win”). 

“Uncle Samsik” will tell the passionate desires and bromance of two men. It will tell the story of Uncle Samsik and Kim San who still got to eat three meals a day even during the turbulent times in the early 1960s.

This will be the very first drama of Song Kang Ho since his debut. The actor is known for his outstanding filmography and this drama will be surely anticipated.

“Uncle Samsik” will be the next project of Song Kang Ho and director Shin Yeon Shick. The two are currently working together on the upcoming films “Cobweb” and “One Win.” 

The production company Slingshot Studio shared, “Samsik, a man with a variety of narratives will be the main character in the drama ‘Uncle Samsik.’ It is expected that Song Kang Ho will bring life to the character no doubt. We will produce a well-made high-quality series and present it to the viewers.”

“Uncle Samsik” will be a 10-part series. The broadcast channel and release date are still under discussion.

Song Kang Ho already starred in two movies this year. He led the films “Emergency Declaration” and “Broker.” He is expected to also lead the upcoming films “Cobweb” and “One Win” which will also reportedly premiere this year. 

The actor made his acting debut in 1996. He has a long list of hit films such as “Green Fish,” “Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance,” “The Host,” “Shiri,” “Joint Security Area,” “The Face Reader,” “The Attorney,” “A Taxi Driver,” “Parasite,” and more. 


Are you excited to finally see Song Kang Ho in a 10-episode drama?

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