Sol Kyung Gu receives offer to reunite with Kim Hee Ae in the drama “Whirlwind”

Sol Kyung Gu will possibly have his first-ever leading role in a drama.

Several media outlets reported on October 25th that Sol Kyung Gu will star in the upcoming drama “Whirlwind” together with Kim Hee Ae. The role he received was also offered to actor Han Seok Kyu.

If Sol Kyung Gu confirms his casting, this will be his first-ever starring role in a drama. The actor made his debut in the drama scene in 1999 in a supporting role. Since then, the actor has focused on starring in movies. This will be his first leading role in a drama after 30 years of debut. 

Aside from this, this will possibly be the next project of Kim Hee Ae and Sol Kyung Gu together. Just last month, reports stated that the movie “The Dinner ” wherein Kim Hee Ae and Sol Kyung Gu will star in already finished filming. 

“Whirlwind” is scheduled to begin filming in the second half of this year. 

Actor Sol Kyung Gu’s side responded to the casting reports. According to them, the actor is currently reviewing the offer to lead “Whirlwind.” 

Sol Kyung Gu got the offer to play the role of Park Dong Ho, the prime minister, and the acting president. 

The upcoming series is a political drama that will be helmed by director Kim Yong Wan (“If You Wish Upon Me,” “The Cursed,” and “Champion”) and writer Park Kyung Soo (“Whisper,” “Punch,” and “The Legend”).

Sol Kyung Gu is also set to star in several upcoming films such as “Heartbeat,” “The Boys,” “Kill Bok Soon,” “The Dinner,” and “Phantom.” 

The actor made his acting debut in 1996. He is known for being part of the films “Peppermint Candy,” “Public Enemy,” “Oasis,” “Jail Breakers,” “Silmido,” “Voice of a Murderer,” “Tidal Wave,” “Cold Eyes,” “The Spy: Undercover Operation,” “The Merciless,” “1987: When The Day Comes,” “The Book of Fish,” and more. 

Sol Kyung Gu was also busy this year with the films “The Moon,” “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election,” “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations,” and “I Want to Know Your Parents.”


Which do you prefer Sol Kyung Gu or Han Seok Kyu as the partner of Kim Hee Ae in the drama “Whirlwind”?

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