Shin Ye Eun and Lomon are confirmed to lead “Third Person Revenge”

The upcoming Disney+ original series “Third Person Revenge” announced its official lineup.

On September 7th, Disney+ shared that “Third Person Revenge” will be led by Shin Ye Eun, Lomon, Kim Joo Ryoung, Jung Soo Bin, Yeon Oh, and Han Seung Bin.

“Third Person Revenge” will depict the story of Chan Mi who seeks the truth and revenge about the death of her twin brother.

Shin Ye Eun will play the role of Ok Chan Mi. She is a former player in shooting sports in high school. She will find and dig into the truth about the death of her twin brother. 

Lomon on the other hand will play the role of Ji Soo Hoon, the person who’s always there for the people who are alienated in school.

Supporting actors like Seo Ji Hoon will play the role of Seok Jae Beom. He will look for the traces of the incident through his lost memory. Chae Sang Woo will play the role of Ki Oh Sung, a person who looks perfect but with a mysterious personality. Jung Soo Bin will act as Tae So Yeon, the person who told Ji Soo Hoon to act as a proxy for revenge. 

“Third Person Revenge” will begin airing this coming November.

This will be the comeback drama of Shin Ye Eun after two years. In 2022, she made a special appearance in the dramas “Rookie Cops” and “Yumi’s Cells 2.” Aside from “Third Person Revenge,” Shin Ye Eun will also join the upcoming dramas “The Glory” and “Flower Scholars’ Love Story.” 

Meanwhile, this drama will be Lomon’s follow-up project after the Netflix global hit “All of Us Are Dead.” This will be his first time working for a Disney+ original series. The actor is also expected to return to the new season of “All of Us Are Dead Season 2.” 


What are your thoughts on the main cast lineup of “Third Person Revenge”?

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