Ryeo Un to join the cast of “Flower Scholars’ Love Story”

Ryeo Un will be joining the upcoming SBS drama “Flower Scholars’ Love Story.”

On July 11th it was revealed that Ryeo Un will be added to the cast of the upcoming SBS series “Flower Scholars’ Love Story.” 

Ryeo Un’s agency Lucky Company revealed that Ryeo Un will be one of the main leads of the upcoming SBS series. 

“Flower Scholars’ Love Story” will revolve around the boarding house called Gaekju Ewha Garden and its student tenants who unite to find Lee Seol who disappeared 13 years ago. 

Ryeo Un will be working with Shin Ye Eun, Kang Hoon, and Kim Ki Hae.

“Flower Scholars’ Love Story” will be directed by Kim Jung Min (“Queen: Love And War” and “The Princess’s Man”) and written by Kwon Eum Mi (“Woman with a Suitcase” and “Gap Dong”).

The upcoming series will air in the first half of 2023. 

Aside from “Flower Scholars’ Love Story,” Ryeo Un will also join the upcoming drama “The Borrowed Body” with Nam Yoon Su and Park Hae Eun. 

Early this year, he was also included in the cast of the drama “Through the Darkness.” He worked alongside Kim Nam Gil, Jin Seon Kyu, Kim So Jin, Lee Dae Yeon, and Kim Won Hae.

Ryeo Un made his acting debut in 2017 through the series “You’re Too Much” and “Temperature of Love.” Since then, he has starred in several dramas such as “Doctor Prisoner,” “365: Repeat the Year,” “The World of My 17,” two seasons of “IN-SEOUL,” “Homemade Love Story,” “18 Again,” “Adult Trainee,” and more. 

The actor became more known after being part of the drama “18 Again” and the web series “Adult Trainee.” He is one of the rising actors this year.


Are you excited to see Ryeo Un as one of the main leads in a historical drama?

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