Red Velvet’s Joy and Choo Young Woo will lead a new Kakao TV drama!

Red Velvet’s Joy and Choo Young Woo will be working together on the upcoming drama “Accidental Country Diary.”

On May 26th, Kakao TV confirmed that Joy and Choo Young Woo have been selected to lead the romantic comedy series “Accidental Country Diary.” The upcoming drama will have a total of 12 episodes with 30 minutes duration each. 

“Accidental Country Diary” will base its story on a web novel of the same name by Park Ha Min. The story will revolve around a veterinarian from Seoul and a policewoman he meets when he relocates to Heedong Village. 

The upcoming series will be directed by Jo Young Min, who also helmed the dramas “Do You Like Brahms?” and “Everything and Nothing.” 

Joy will play the role of Ahn Ja Young, a policewoman who’ is always there when someone needs her. Everyone in the village likes her. She is also the peacemaker of the neighborhood. She is the total opposite of Han Ji Yool.

Choo Young Woo on the other hand will play the role of Han Ji Yool, a veterinarian from Seoul. He is a bit of a snob and does everything by the book. He relocates to Heedong Village because of his grandfather.

Before Joy and Choo Young Woo became confirmed as leads, Jang Geun Suk and Girls Generation’s Choi Soo Young first received the offer to be in the drama.

“Accidental Country Diary” will reportedly premiere in the second half of the year. 

This drama will be Joy’s first acting project for 2022. She last starred in last year’s JTBC drama “The One and Only” with Ahn Eun Jin, Kim Kyung Nam, Kang Ye Won, Go Doo Shim, and Jang Hyun Sung. 

Joy also starred in several dramas such as “Tempted,” “The Boy Next Door,” and “The Liar and His Lover.” 

Meanwhile, aside from “Accidental Country Diary,” Choo Young Woo was also in the news today that he will also be part of the upcoming series “Oasis” with Jang Dong Yoon and Seol In Ah. He will also star in the tvN drama special “tvN O’PENing: Babel Syndrome.” 

The actor made his official acting debut in 2021. He starred in the dramas “You Make Me Dance,” “Police University,” and “School 2021.” 


What are your thoughts on the confirmed main leads of “Accidental Country Diary”?

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