“Reborn Rich” unveils a new teaser featuring Lee Sung Min, Song Joong Ki, and Shin Hyun Bin

JTBC released a new teaser for the upcoming drama “Reborn Rich.”

On October 14th, JTBC unveiled a new style of teaser featuring main leads Lee Sung Min, Song Joong Ki, and Shin Hyun Bin. The three were seen delivering the summary of the upcoming drama “Reborn Rich.” 

“Reborn Rich” will be led by Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Bin, Yoon Je Moon, Kim Jung Nan, and Jo Han Chul. It will be directed by Jeong Dae Yun (“She Was Pretty”) and written by Kim Tae Hee (“Sungkyunkwan Scandal”).

It will tell the story of a loyal employee who got murdered only to be reborn as the family’s youngest son. The loyal employee works for the conglomerate family to clean all their mess but one day, he got framed for embezzlement which leads to his death. As he gets reborn to the same family, his revenge and greed to rule the family will unfold. The series is based on the web novel created by San Gyung. 

Watch the interesting trailer here:

In the released teaser, the main actors were reading one line of the summary at a time in a film-like scenery. They started the teaser by stating the plot of the series, “This is a story of revenge of a man who grew up poor and had to be a slave and sacrificed his life to the conglomerate family.” 

As the storytelling goes on, the main characters then revealed an unexpected line stating, “No, this is a story about being born as the youngest son of a conglomerate family and taking in the whole company with evil greed.”

They ended the teaser with questions such as, “Is this a desperate longing for revenge or he’s just moved by the ugly human desire?” and “Is it a blessing to be reborn or just another nightmare?” making the viewers curious about what Jin Do Joon’s choice will be.


Are you excited to know the whole story of “Reborn Rich”?

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