Reasons To Look Forward: Today’s Webtoon (2022)

Reasons To Look Forward: Today’s Webtoon (2022)

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(Graphic images source: epiphanjins on Tumblr) | From previous drama A Business Proposal (2022)

 Cheers to  Kim Se Jeong  big return to the small screen!

(Photo source: here)

This young and proactive actress will return as ‘On Ma Eum’ who gives up on her Olympic dreams after suffering an injury. However, the optimist then sets her sights on webtoons, which have been her source of comfort since she was an athlete. She enters the webtoon editorial department after beating all the odds as a rookie employee with a positive attitude.

The production team added a few mentions: “The passionate energy and bright and positive image of  Kim Se Jeong, who always does her best in any role, has wholeheartedly stuck to On Ma Eum. Just like On Ma Eum lights up Neon Webtoon’s editorial department, Kim Sejeong is also a mood maker on the set with her proactive attitude and the way she never loses her smile. We will greet you with a well-produced work so that this kind of energy that will give you strength in your hard and tiring lives can reach you.”  (First source: Soompi)

The main reasons for choosing to act in this production were:

As “Today’s Webtoon” tells the story of someone giving up on one dream (judo) and pursuing a second (webtoons),  Kim Se Jeong, reflected on the importance of dreams and how they’re portrayed in the drama. “I’ve always liked the word ‘dream,’” said Kim Sejeong. “[On Ma Eum] and I are almost exactly alike in the way we both chase after our dreams with passion and positive energy.” A dream that you’ve fulfilled shines bright,” she continued. “All dreams are precious, whether they’re dreams you’ve managed to hold onto them or dreams that you haven’t been able to make come true.”

Still, she added a small aspect, “This drama doesn’t only show the bright side of dreams; it also portrays the dark and unglamorous sides of the realistic journey involved [in chasing those dreams]. I thought it would be interesting to approach this story from the viewpoint of th)e cheerful and positive Ma Eum, as well as that of Kim Sejeong.” (Second photo and source: Soompi)

Real life close up in the life of artists and webtoon writers:

Today’s Webtoon” will depict all the time, effort, and consideration that writers put into drawing each cut, as well as the conflict and collaboration editors experience as they fight to meet deadlines every single day. Within this process, there will be a wide variety of characters and a realistic demonstration of situations that occur between co-workers. “ (Source: Soompi)

The steady growth of the employees:

“Neon Webtoon is a new department that was recently opened by IT company Neon. As their performance levels are not up to par yet, they’re considered a “foreign team” even in the office. However, this Neon Webtoon editorial department boasts a diverse team, including former judo athlete On Ma Eum, who has a wide array of connections, deputy editor Seok Ji Hyung (Choi Daniel) who acts as a mentor for his junior co-workers, and the cold Goo Joon Young (Nam Yoon Su), who has a high IQ and the confidence to go with it. “(Thrid photo and source: Soompi)

The chaotic teaser trailer with a wide roller coaster of emotions:

(Photo and teaser video source: SBS Catch on YouTube)

“The future is always unpredictable.” 

“If she comes to our team, don’t you think she’d work really well?” 

 “I will not inconvenience the team and work with all my heart.” 

, “I like webtoons, just as much as judo.”  (Translation source: Soompi)

Are you ready to catch up with the amazingly 

fun and wacky remake series called Today’s Webtoon? See you around, next time!

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of 2022 (July – September) according to MyDramaList!

(Teaser poster source: here)

SourcesMyDramaList, YouTube, SBS and Soompi (various photos and news articles 

with links mentioned in the paragraphs and next to the images) Additional graphic images source was from Tumblr.

Poster used as main cover was found here.

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