Ra Mi Ran receives offer to lead a new JTBC drama!

Ra Mi Ran will possibly star in a new JTBC drama!

On July 8th it was reported by media outlet YTN Star that Ra Mi Ran has been picked as the main lead of the upcoming series titled “Bad Mother” (literal translation). The series is set to premiere next year. 

“Bad Mother” is a healing comedy drama that will revolve around Young Soon, a mother who had no choice but to become a bad one to her son Kang Ho. His son Kang Ho was a prosecutor who lost his memory one day and became a fool. 

Ra Mi Ran received the offer to play the role of Young Soon, the mother of the prosecutor who lost his memory. The actress hasn’t responded to the casting reports. 

The upcoming series will be directed by Shim Na Yeon (“Beyond Evil” and “Moment at Eighteen”). The script will be penned by Bae Se Young (“Extreme Job” and “Stellar: A Magical Ride”). The series will be produced by SLL and Film Monster. 

There are still no details yet on who will play the role of Ra Mi Ran’s character’s son named Kang Ho. 

For 2022, Ra Mi Ran is booked and busy with several dramas and films.

She started the year with the TVING series “Dr. Park’s Clinic” together with Lee Seo Jin, Cha Chung Hwa, Shin Eun Jung, Kim Kwang Gyu, and Jung Hyung Suk. Ra Mi Ran will also lead the upcoming TVING original series “Cruel Intern.” 

Ra Mi Ran will also be part of several upcoming films such as “Highway Family,” “Honest Candidate 2,” “Come Back Home,” “High Five,” and “Citizen Deok Hee.” 

The actress made her acting debut in 2005. She is known for her works such as “Reply 1988,” “Avengers Social Club,” “Black Dog,” “Ode To My Father,” “The Himalayas,” “The Last Princess,” “The Dude In Me,” “Miss & Mrs. Cops,” “Honest Candidate,” and more. 


Do you wish to see Ra Mi Ran return as a mother figure in a new drama?

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