“One Thousand Won Lawyer” confirms its official cast lineup!

“One Thousand Won Lawyer” announced its official cast.

On May 12th, SBS released the cast lineup of the new drama “One Thousand Won Lawyer.” Aside from Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, Choi Dae Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, and Park Jin Woo will also lead the upcoming series. The series will be part of SBS’ Friday and Saturday drama timeslot and it is scheduled to premiere within the year. 

“One Thousand Won Lawyer” is about a genius lawyer who gets paid one thousand won for his professional service. He has the best skills and he only asks for a thousand won for his fees. This is his battle against rich lawmakers and lawyers who asked for high prices for their clients.

The upcoming series will be a collaboration work of director Kim Jae Hyun and writer siblings Choi Soo Jin and Choi Chang Hwan (“Heart Surgeons” and “Defendant”). The drama will be produced by Studio S. 

This will be the reunion work of Namgoong Min and Kim Ji Eun. The two worked together in the 2021 drama “The Veil.”

Namgoong Min will play the role of Cheon Ji Hoon, the lawyer who only asks the client for one thousand won as the fee. This will be the first drama of Namgoong Min for the year. He will also lead the upcoming dramas “Sacred Divorce” and “Doctor Prisoner 2.” 

Kim Ji Eun will play the role of Baek Ma Ri, the prosecutor at the  Judicial Research and Training Institute. The actress is currently starring in the SBS drama “Again My Life.”

Choi Dae Hoon will play the role of Seo Min Hyuk, another prosecutor from a legal family. Lee Deok Hwa will play Baek Hyun Moo, the founder of a large law firm and also a representative lawyer. Lastly, Park Jin Woo will play the role of Sa Moo Jang, the director of the law office who is also the helper of Cheon Ji Hoon.


Who’s excited to see Namgoong Min play a lawyer once again?

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