New Disney+ series Casino confirms its cast!

New Disney+ series Casino will star Choi Min Shik, Son Seok Koo, Lee Dong Hwi and Heo Sung Tae!

On June 13th, Disney+  confirmed that Choi Min Shik, Son Seok Koo, Lee Dong Hwi and Heo Sung Tae will lead their newest original series!

“Casino” will tell the story of a man once dubbed the king of the casino, who lost everything he has in an unfortunate chain of events. The man returns to the gambling scene, this time betting his life.

The drama will reportedly have over 20 billion won (over $16 million US dollars) budget. It will have a total of 8 episodes that will exclusively air on Disney+. The upcoming drama will be produced by BA Entertainment, C-Jes Entertainment, and Arc Media and will be helmed and penned by Kang Yoon Sung.

This will be veteran actor, Choi Min Shik’s comeback to the small screen since his 1997 drama “Love and Separation.”

Son Seok Koo previously starred in the recently ended series “My Liberation Notes.” In the future he is set to be a part of the upcoming dramas “D.P. Season 2” and “Murder DIEary.”

“Squid Game” star Heo Sung Tae and “Extreme Job” actor Lee Dong Hwi will also take the lead.


Are you excited to see Choi Min Shik on a television series?

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