Netflix drops the teaser for the second season of the hit series “Squid Game.”

Netflix Revealed “Squid Game Season 2” Teaser!

On June 12th, Netflix dropped a brief teaser for the second season of the hit series “Squid Game.” The eerie video features the Young Hee, the Red Light, Green Light animatronic doll, and an ominous narration of “무궁화꽃이 피었습니다” (Mugunghwa-kkochi pieot-seumnida) which roughly translates to “The Mugungha Flower has bloomed.”

Hwang Dong Hyuk writer, director, executive producer, and creator of the popular tv series has a message for the fans: 

The director mentioned that characters Seong Gi Hoon, played by Lee Jung Jae, the “Front Man,” the man in the suit, will return to the upcoming new season along with Young Hee’s boyfriend, Cheol Su.

Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” was the first Korean drama to top Netflix in the United States. The series was released in September 17th 2021 and the drama took the number one spot on Netflix’s list in different countries for several weeks. 

The mystery-thriller “Squid Game”  is the masterpiece of director Hwang Dong Hyuk the series followed several people who are down on their luck and are in desperate need of money as they’re sent a mysterious invitation to join a game. When they take up the offer, 456 participants were locked into a secret location to play the games with hopes of winning 45.6 billion won (around $38 million dollars). 

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk is known for being the man behind films “The Fortress,” “Miss Granny,” “Silenced,” and “My Father.” The director has received a lot of recognition both in Korea and overseas.  

See the brief trailer below!

Are you looking forward to the new season of “Squid Game”?

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