Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin in talks to lead a new MBC series!

Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin are possibly teaming up for a new historical drama from MBC. 

On July 20th several media outlets shared that Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun JIn have been selected to be the main leads of the upcoming romance historical MBC series “Lover.” 

Namkoong Min’s agency responded to the casting reports. 935 Entertainment shared that the actor is currently focused on filming for his new SBS drama. “Lover” is one of the proposed works that he is currently reviewing. 

Ahn Eun Jin’s agency United Artist Agency also confirmed that the actress did receive the casting offer and she is also currently in discussion. 

“Lover” will depict the story of a man who is confident in everything and even declared his not going to get married but easily fell in love with a woman who still wants to fall in love even though she fails to get married twice. 

The upcoming series will be directed by Kim Sung Yong (“The Veil”) and written by Hwang Jin Young (“Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People” and “The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang”). 

Namkoong Min received the offer to play the role of Lee Jang Hyun. He’s a mysterious man who suddenly joined the social circle of Neunggun-ri. He’s not interested in anything after having an unimaginable tragedy. 

Ahn Eun Jin got the offer to play the role of Yoo Gil Chae, the second daughter of a retired godfather. She is a social goddess with overflowing beauty and charm.

“Lover” will reportedly air in the first half of 2023. It will exclusively air on MBC.

If Namkoong Min confirms his casting for “Lover,” this will be his comeback to MBC after the 2021 drama “The Veil.” Before the actor returns to MBC, he will first have a drama on SBS and KBS. Namkoong Min is currently filming for the upcoming SBS series “One Dollar Lawyer” with Kim Ji Eun, Choi Dae Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, Park Jin Woo, and Gong Min Jung. He will also return to the second season of KBS’ “Doctor Prisoner 2.”

Meanwhile, if Ahn Eun Jin accepted the offer to lead “Lover,” this will be her second upcoming drama. She is also set to lead the upcoming Netflix original series “Goodbye Earth” with Yoo Ah In, Jeon Sung Woo, Kim Yoon Hye, and Seo Ye Hwa.


Do you wish to see both Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin in a romance historical series?

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