Nam Ji Hyun shares her desire to work alongside former child actresses Park Eun Bin and Lee Se Young

Nam Ji Hyun shared her insights about her acting career after her latest drama concluded.

On October 10th, Nam Ji Hyun granted media outlet iMBC Entertainment an interview to commemorate the ending of the tvN hit series “Little Women.” 

Nam Ji Hyun was one of the main leads of the drama that depicted the story of three poor sisters who got involved in the most powerful family in Korea. The actress starred as Oh In Kyung, the second eldest of the family and a news reporter who’s burning with a sense of justice. 

The series is the latest work of director  Kim Hee Won and writer Jung Seo Kyung. The last episode that aired on October 9th achieved its highest rating for the entire run with an average nationwide rating of 11.1%. 

Aside from celebrating the conclusion of her drama, Nam Ji Hyun also shared her thoughts about being in the industry for 19 years. 

Nam Ji Hyun made her acting debut as a child actress in the 2004 series “Say You Love Me.” Since then, she has starred in several dramas from portraying child roles to adult roles. 

The actress shared, “I naturally transitioned from being a child actress to accepting adult roles. But I believe, the public still strongly remembers me as a child actress. I thought it was a difficult task to cover it up.” 

She also stated that current viewers might not even know that she was a child actress. Teenagers now may not know much about it.

Nam Ji Hyun also shared her connection with Park Eun Bin and Lee Se Young who is just like her that started their careers as child actress. She revealed that she is somewhat connected to Park Eun Bin. They both attended the same university and they also appeared in the MBC drama “Queen Seon Duk.” 

She stated, “I’ve only met Park Eun Bin once at school. We worked together when we were young so we didn’t have each other’s contact details. I’m proud to see other child actors shining up until today just like Park Eun Bin and Lee Se Young.”

Nam Ji Hyun also expressed her willingness to work with other child actors and stated, If there will be a chance, it will be fun to have a project with all the former child actors.”

This year, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Eun Bin, and Lee Se Young all did well with their current dramas. Nam Ji Hyun’s comeback drama “Little Women” was highly praised and had stable ratings, Park Eun Bin’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is one of the most talked about series of the year, and Lee Se Young is continuously doing well even after 2021’s “The Red Sleeve.” She is working with Lee Seung Gi in the ongoing drama “The Law Cafe.”


Do you wish to see former child actresses Nam Ji Hyun, Park Eun Bin, and Lee Se Young in one drama together?

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