Lee Sun Bin in talks to lead the spin-off drama of “Backstreet Rookie”

Lee Sun Bin will possibly be the main lead of the upcoming action romance drama “Super Couple” (literal title).

Several media outlets reported on October 25th that Lee Sun Bin will be the heroine of the spin-off drama of 2020’s “Backstreet Rookie.”

The actress’ agency Initial Entertainment then confirmed the reports that Lee Sun Bin did receive the casting offer. They also explained that Lee Sun Bin is still reviewing it and considering to star positively. 

If Lee Sun Bin confirms her casting, this will be her next drama after the second season of “Work Later, Drink Now Season 2.” The actress will also star in the upcoming film “Reverse” with Lee Joon Hyuk.

Lee Sun Bin has starred in several action-genre projects such as “Rampant,” “Okay! Madam,” and “Mission: Possible.” Expectation rises to what transformation Lee Sun Bin will do if she will star in “Super Couple.”

“Super Couple” is currently finalizing its major casting roles and will begin its production this year.

“Super Couple” will tell the story of a former NIS secret agent who lost the love of his life while protecting the country. She will get reunited with her ex-boyfriend who’s a conglomerate successor at a convenience store. 

Just like “Backstreet Rookie,” the upcoming drama will have a comic romance set in a convenience store. But this time, action will be added because of the nature of the characters. 

Lee Sun Bin got the offer to play the role of Min Sa Rang. She was a former NIS black agent and now works at a convenience store as the manager. She will get reunited coincidentally with her ex-boyfriend named Cha Joo Hyun who is also the head of the convenience store headquarters. 


Do you wish to see Lee Sun Bin in an action rom-com drama?

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