Lee Ji Hyun joins Jin Ki Joo in the upcoming series “I Met You by Chance”

Lee Ji Hyun will be part of the KBS drama “I Met You by Chance.”

On July 18th Lee Ji Hyun is confirmed to join the cast of the upcoming KBS drama “I Met You By Chance.” She will be playing the role of Jin Ki Joo’s mother named Soo Ae. Her background will start the story in the series. 

“I Met You By Chance” depicts the story of a strange time travel of a man and a woman who was trapped in 1987. It will narrate the story of a man who’s searching for the truth about serial murder and a woman who wants to stop the marriage of hs mother and father. As the two meets, they will realize that their goals are connected. 

The series will be led by Kim Dong Wook, Jin Ki Joo, and Seo Ji Hye.

“I Met You By Chance” will be the latest work of director  Kang Soo Yeon (“The Ghost Detective”) and writer Baek So Yeon. This will be their follow up project together after “The Tale of Nokdu.”

The upcoming series will be part of the Wednesday and Thursday drama timeslot on tvN. 

“I Met You By Chance”  will premiere in the second half of 2022. 

The first half of 2022 has been a busy time for actress Lee Ji Hyun. She has starred in many series such as “All of Us Are Dead,” “Thirty-Nine,” “Green Mothers’ Club,” and “Love All Play.” In these dramas, the actress played the role of the mother most of the time. 

For the second half of the year, Lee Ji Hyun will focus on “I Met You By Chance.” 

Lee Ji Hyun has starred in several dramas such as “She Would Never Know,” “Hush,” “Hospital Playlist,” “Dr. Romantic 2,” “Abyss,” “Beautiful World,” “Let’s Eat 3,” and more. 

The actress is one of the few actresses that are popularly known for playing the mother role of the main lead. 


Have you seen any dramas that Lee Ji Hyun starred in?

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