Lee Je Hoon to make a special appearance in Namkoong Min’s drama

Lee Je Hoon is showing his loyalty to Namkoong Min once again.

On October 7th, SBS announced that Lee Je Hoon will be making a special appearance in the ongoing Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer.” He will play the role of “Top Star Lee Je Hoon” in the upcoming episode that will air on October 8th. 

“One Dollar Lawyer” is about a genius and successful lawyer who only asks for 1,000 KRW (about US$1) for his services. He fights against expensive lawyers that cater to rich clients that go against the law. 

SBS released still cuts of Lee Je Hoon’s impending appearance. He was seen at a festival’s red carpet event in a neat and luxurious suit. He was standing on a photo wall and giving poses for the media.

This is the second time that Lee Je Hoon will make a special appearance in Namkoong Min’s work. Back in 2019, the actor also made a special cameo in the drama “Hot Stove League” led by Namkoong Min. Despite Lee Je Hoon’s busy schedule, he still decided to make a cameo and show his loyalty to Namkoong Min. 

The ongoing series is the latest work of director Kim Jae Hyun and writers Choi Soo Jin and Choi Chang Hwan.

“One Dollar Lawyer” began airing in September 233 and only after two weeks of broadcasting, the ratings are already great and they are currently the no.1 drama in the current mini-series and OTT integrated content rankings.

The fifth episode will air later at 10 PM KST. Meanwhile, the sixth episode that will feature Lee Je Hoon will premiere on Saturday, 10 PM KST. The series is both available on SBS and OTT platform Disney+.

Lee Je Hoon is set to return to the new season of “Taxi Driver 2” which will premiere in 2023. It will also air on SBS and he will work once again with Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin, Jang Hyuk Jin, and Bae Yoo Ram.

The top actor is also set to star in the upcoming film “Escape” with Koo Kyo Hwan and Hong Xa Bin.


Are you curious how Lee Je Hoon’s character will affect the story of the series “One Dollar Lawyer”?

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