Lee Jae Wook, Hong Su Zu, and Lee Jun Young will reportedly work together in a new Disney+ drama

Lee Jae Wook, Hong Su Zu, and UKISS Lee Jun Young will possibly star in the big-budget drama of Disney+ titled “Royal Loader” (literal translation). 

On October 27th, media outlet Star News reported that Lee Jae Wook, Hong Su Zu, and UKISS Lee Jun Young will be the main leads of the upcoming drama “Royal Loader.” 

The three actors are still currently reviewing the casting offer and nothing has been decided yet. 

“Royal Loader” is a 20 billion won (approximately $14 million) budget that will set to begin filming in 2023. The drama will revolve around the power struggle among conglomerate families. There will be a fierce battle between people born with a dirt spoon and a gold spoon. 

There are no official details yet on the other cast members that will complete the drama.

“Royal Loader” will officially air on Disney+ and it is also in discussion to premiere on a broadcast channel.

If Lee Jae Wook confirms his casting, this will be his first upcoming drama project for 2023. The actor focused on “Alchemy of Souls” for 2022 and he will also lead the upcoming second part “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow” that will premiere this December. 

Meanwhile, this will possibly be the first-ever starring role of  Hong Su Zu. She made her acting debut in a guest role in the 2020 drama “Lovestruck in the City.” She also appeared in the drama special “Drama Special Season 12: Be;Twin” with Sung Yoo Bin, Kim Young Woong, Kim Hyun Mok, Shin Joo Hyup, and Kim Yi Kyung. 

Lee Jun Young is currently starring in the drama “May I Help You” with Girls Day Lee Hye Ri. He will also lead the upcoming drama “Na Rae, Kicking Out.” The idol actor is also set to star in several upcoming movies such as “Brave Citizen,” “The Wilderness,” and “More Painful Than Sadness.” 


Are you interested in dramas that revolve around the life of conglomerates?

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