Lee Hyo Na to join the cast of “Bad Prosecutor”

Lee Hyo Na will be joining the upcoming KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor.”

On July 26th Lee Hyo Na’s agency Ascendio Reverse confirmed  that Lee Hyo Na will be part of the upcoming drama “Bad Prosecutor.” She will work alongside the main leads EXO’s Doh Kyung Soo and Lee Se Hee. The agency also asked viewers to look forward to the new character that Lee Hyo Na will portray.

“Bad Prosecutor” will tell the story of a prosecutor named Jeong Jin. He is known for his delinquency and bad manners. He will do anything despite it not being part of proper procedures to stop the corruption of authorities. 

The series will be directed by Kim Sung Ho (“Move to Heaven”) and written by Im Young Bin (“Sketch”). It will be produced by Neo Entertainment and Vlad Studio.

Lee Hyo Na will play the role of Park Ye Young. Her character will be a mysterious one. 

Other casts of the drama include Joo Bo Young, Lee Si Eon, Kim Sang Ho, Ha Joon, and Yun Joon Suk.

“Bad Prosecutor” will premiere in the second half of 2022. The series will have 12 episodes. The casts already began filming in April. 

Lee Hyo Na made her acting debut in 2018 through the series “Remember, Hari” with Park Ji Ye, Lee Hyun Jun, Lee Dong Gil, Jang So Jeong, and Jung Sung Young. 

Since then, she has starred in the dramas “When Time Stopped,” “I Have Three Boyfriends,” and “Fatal Promise.”

Lee Hyo Na is currently starring in the series “Gold Mask.” She works alongside Cha Ye Ryun, Lee Hyun Jin, Na Young Hee, Lee Hwi Hyang, Yeon Min Ji, and Lee Joong Moon.


Are you curious about how Lee Hyo Na’s character will affect the story of the upcoming drama “Bad Prosecutor”?

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