Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung to lead the SBS drama “The Demon”

Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung will be working together on a new drama written by Kim Eun Hee. 

On September 21st, it was officially confirmed that Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung will be the main leads for the upcoming SBS mystery thriller titled “The Demon.” 

“The Demon” will be the next work of top writer Kim Eun Hee who is known for also creating the dramas “Jirisan,” “Kingdom,” and “Signal.” The drama will be directed by Lee Jung Rim (“V.I.P“). 

The upcoming series is a mystery thriller that will revolve around a woman possessed by demons and a man who can see the demon. The series will also explore the mysterious deaths surrounding the five divine spirits. 

“The Demon” will start filming soon and the series will premiere in 2023.

Kim Tae Ri will play the role of Koo San Young, she’s currently preparing for the nth grade civil servant exam. She works as part-time during the day and studies for the exam at night. She will get caught up in mysterious deaths surrounding her after receiving the relics of his late father. 

According to the production team, the character Koo San Young is a complex one with a mixture of good and evil. They revealed that Kim Tae Ri is the best pick for having the best eyes that also exude intense charisma. They also shared that the actress’ solid and bold acting skills will make the drama more fun.

Oh Jung Se on the other hand will play the role of Yom Hae Sang, a professor of folklore that comes from a wealthy family. He can see the divine spirits. He will get the chance to know Koo San Young and there he will meet the evil spirit that killed his mother when he was young.

Lastly, Hong Kyung will play the role of Lee Hong Sae, a former chief of the National Police University’s violent criminal investigation team. His character’s only goal is to get a special promotion but as he gets intertwined with the two, he will become involved in unbelievable events. 


What are your thoughts on the main leads of writer Kim Eun Hee’s new drama “The Demon”?

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