Kim Sung Kyun to work alongside Cho Seung Woo in the JTBC drama “Sacred Divorce”

Kim Sung Kyun will be working alongside Cho Seung Woo in the upcoming JTBC webtoon-based drama, “Sacred Divorce.”

On August 31st, it was officially confirmed that Kim Sung Kyun is returning to broadcast dramas through the series “Sacred Divorce.” 

“Sacred Divorce” will be led by Cho Seung Woo and Han Hye Jin. The series will be directed by  Lee Jae Hoon (“Good Manager”) and written by Yoo Young Ah (“Kim Ji Young: Born 1982”.)  It will be produced by SLL, High Ground, and Glmoe.

The upcoming series will depict its story from a popular Kakao webtoon of the same name. It will tell the story of a 45-year-old divorce lawyer Shin Sung Han and how he helps different kinds of families with their issues. 

Kim Sung Kyun will play the role of Jang Hyung Geun, a trading company CEO who is also the middle school friend of Shin Sung Han. He got separated from his wife who he thought would be with him for life. The actor will give life to the character and will showcase how a 42-year-old man learns about life and how not all things go the way he plans.

The production team commented on the casting of Kim Sung Kyun. They stated, “the natural charm of actor Kim Sung Kyun will be maximized as he portrays Jang Hyung Geun. Please look forward to the actor’s new appearance that has never been seen before.”

“Sacred Divorce” will premiere in the first half of 2023.

This drama will be the return of Kim Sung Kyun to broadcast channels. The actor recently starred in several original dramas on OTT platforms such as Netflix’s “D.P.,” DisneyPlus’ “Grid,” and more. 

Kim Sung Kyun also recently starred in the Netflix original film “Seoul Vibe.” He will also join the cast of the upcoming movies “Samdo Investigation Headquarters,” “Spring in Seoul,” “Joseon Firefighter,” and “Open the Door.” 


Are you curious about the chemistry between Kim Sung Kyun and Cho Seung Woo?

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