Kim Joo Heon will reportedly return to the new season of “Dr. Romantic”

Another season 2 cast will reportedly reunite with Han Seok Kyu in “Dr. Romantic 3.”

On September 16th, media outlet JoyNews24 reported that Kim Joo Heon will also return to the new season of “Dr.Romantic.” The actor will reportedly continue to play the role of doctor Park Min Guk, the current president of Doldam Hospital. 

“Dr. Romantic 3” is the third installment of the hit SBS medical drama. The series will showcase the journey of the genius doctor Kim Sa Bu, his team, and the people they meet at the small Doldam Hospital located in the countryside.

Just yesterday, it was confirmed that  Han Seok Kyu,  Ahn Hyo Seop, and  Lee Sung Kyung will be leading the next season. Many fans of the series wanted the old casts to also return including Kim Joo Heon. The actor’s agency hasn’t responded to the casting news. 

“Dr. Romantic 3” will be helmed once again by director Yoo In Shik and writer Kang Eun Kyung. According to reports, the drama will air in the first half of next year and it will exclusively premiere on SBS.

Kim Joo Heon is currently starring in the soon-to-end series “Big Mouth” with Lee Jong Suk, Girls Generation’s Im Yoon Ah, Kwak Dong Yeon, Yang Kyung Won, and Ok Ja Yeon. 

The actor was busy for the year as he also starred in the dramas “A Model Family,” “Soundtrack #1,” and “Juvenile Justice.” He also made a strong presence in his special appearance in the hit ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” 

Aside from dramas, Kim Joo Heon will also join the upcoming movie “Cross” starring Hwang Jung Min, Yeom Jung Ah, Jeon Hye Jin, Jung Man Shik, Kim Chan Hyung, and more. 


Do you wish to see Kim Joo Heon as part of the cast of the upcoming SBS drama “Dr.Romantic 3”?

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