Kim Jae Yong in discussion to join TVING original series “Villains”

Kim Jae Yong will reportedly  be part of the upcoming TVING original series “Villains.”

On June 29th media outlet JoyNews24 reported that Kim Jae Yong will be joining the cast of the upcoming TVING original series “Villains.” He will be joining the main leads Yoo Ji Tae, Kwak Do Won, Lee Bum Soo, Lee Min Jung, and I.L. 

“Villains” is an original series from TVING. It will tell the bloody confrontations of villains over ultra-precise counterfeit supernotes. 

The series will be directed by  Jin Hyeok (“Sisyphus: The Myth,” “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” and “The Master’s Sun”) and written by Kim Hyung Joon (“Daddy Long Legs” and “The Scent.”) The series will be produced by Taewon Entertainment. 

There are no details yet on the possible character of Kim Jae Yong.

TVING has released several original dramas such as “Yumi’s Cells,” “Happiness,” “Work Later, Drink Now,” and more. “Villains” will be one of their entries for next year.

“Villains” will reportedly premiere in 2023. 

In 2022, Kim Jae Yong starred in the drama “Ghost Doctor” with Rain, Kim Bum, After School’s Uee, APINK’s Son Na Eun, Sung Dong Il, and Tae In Ho. He also made a special appearance in the film “Piggy Back.” 

Kim Jae Yong first made his debut as a member of the K-Pop boy group HALO. They debuted in 2014. All the members including Kim Jae Yong did not renew their contract with HALO’s agency in 2019. The group has been on hiatus since 2018.

He made his acting debut in 2015. He has starred in the dramas “Miracle That We Met,” “My First First Love,” “Love with Flaws,” “Midnight Thriller,” and more. 

Kim Jae Yong is currently active as an actor and he is currently signed under Triple Entertainment. 


Have you seen any dramas that Kim Jae Yong starred in?

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