Kang Ki Young in discussion to join “The Uncanny Counter 2”

Kang Ki Young will possibly join the upcoming new season of “The Uncanny Counter 2.”

On October 12th, media outlet DongA reported that Kang Ki Young will be joining the case of the second season of “The Uncanny Counter.” Yesterday, it was also reported that actor Jin Seon Kyu will be one of the new additions to the cast. According to reports, Kang Ki Young will portray a role that is completely different from his character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” 

Kang Ki Young’s agency Namoo Actors responded to the casting reports. According to them, the actor is positively considering starring in “The Uncanny Counter 2.” 

“The Uncanny Counter 2” will continue the journey of demon hunters called counters who came down to earth to disguise as restaurant employees and capture evil spirits. The second installment of the drama will reportedly feature the collaboration of South Korean counters with other counters from different countries against new enemies. 

The upcoming series will be directed by Yoo Seon Dong and written by Yeo Ji Na. Many are anticipating that the original cast Cho Byeong Kyu, Kim Se Jeong, Yoo Joon Sang, and Yeom Hye Ran will return to the second season. 

The first season aired on OCN. For the second season, it will reportedly move to tvN and an OTT platform is also being discussed. The production is set to begin filming this November. 

This will be the follow-up project of Kang Ki Young after he rose to fame through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” He will also join the upcoming movie “The Point Men” led by Hwang Jung Min, Hyun Bin, Lee Chun Moo, Lee Seung Chul, and Jeon Sung Woo. 

Kang Ki Young is also expected to return to the possible second season of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2.” 


Do you wish to see Kang Ki Young as a counter or as a villain in “The Uncanny Counter”?

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