JTBC announces the premiere date of “Reborn Rich”

Much-awaited JTBC drama “Reborn Rich” will officially premiere this November.

On October 12th, JTBC officially confirmed that “Reborn Rich” will begin airing starting on November 18th. Not only that, the series will air three episodes per week. 

“Reborn Rich” will adapt its story from the web novel by San Gyung. It will showcase the life and revenge of a loyal employee who got framed for embezzlement and got murdered only to be reborn as the family’s youngest son. 

The upcoming series is the latest work of director Jeong Dae Yun and writer Kim Tae Hee. It will be produced by SLL.

The cast of the drama includes Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Bin, Yoon Je Moon, Kim Jung Nan, Jo Han Chul, and more.

The production team shared, “The characters who hide their desires will strongly compete against each other to get to the top spot. The story of the fierce fight for succession within the family will be interesting. We decided to make the drama air three times a week to further maximize immersion in the story. We will showcase high-quality work so please look forward to it.”

“Reborn Rich” will air every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting on November 18th at 10:30 PM.  The series will be both available on JTBC and the global OTT platform, Viu.

Song Joong Ki will play the role of Yoon Hyun Woo. He was a loyal secretary to the conglomerate family. He will also be reborn to the same family as Jin Do Joon, the youngest son. Yoon Hyun Woo was the problem solver of the conglomerate family. One day, he got falsely accused, abandoned, then murdered by the family. As he gets reborn as the youngest son of the conglomerate family, he will have a fierce battle for succession and revenge. 

This will be the comeback drama of Song Joong Ki after the success of “Vincenzo.” The top actor is also set to star in the upcoming films “Bogotá: City of the Lost” and “Hwaran.” 

Lee Sung Min will play the role of Jin Yang Cheol, the head of the conglomerate family Sunyang group and the current king of the family. From having a poor childhood to rising and becoming top in the business world, JIn Yang Cheol is preparing for his life’s final battle with his love for money and cruelty.

This will be the second drama of Lee Sung Min for the year. He first starred in the Netflix series “Juvenile Justice.” He will also be part of the upcoming dramas “Shadow Detective” and “A Very Lucky Day.” 


Are you excited to see the revenge of Song Joong Ki’s character in the drama “Reborn Rich”?

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