Joo Won’s upcoming Netflix film “Carter” confirmed to premiere this August!

The much-awaited Netflix original film “Carter” starring Joo Won will officially premiere next month.

On July 8th Netflix released the first poster and video teaser of the upcoming movie “Carter.” It was also revealed that the film will be available on Netflix starting August 5th 2022. 

“Carter” is the latest work of director Jung Byung Gil (“The Villainess” and “Confession of Murder”). It’s a real-time action movie that narrates the journey of Carter, who was put into a mysterious operation and woke up one day without any of his memory and began following an order to succeed in a mission. 

Joo Won will play the role of Carter, an agent who lost his identity but had to follow a mission. He will be joined by Lee Sung Jae and Kim Bo Min.

In the teaser poster revealed, it showcased the back of Carter as he heads somewhere with a gun. The caption also states, “No memory, one mission.” A key point in the poster as well was the cross-shaped scar on the back of Carter’s head.

In the teaser trailer, the video began with a voice talking and relaying that his name is Carter. As soon as he got up, he was given a task despite him losing all his memories. Carter had no choice but to follow the orders of the mysterious voice to know his true identity. As he carries out his mission, he will face chaotic and dangerous situations. In the teaser, several jam-packed action scenes were hinted at.

At the end of the teaser, the caption says, “A man with no memory, with only one mission: Run, Fight, and Survive.”

“Carter” will premiere on Netflix starting August 5th. It will be available worldwide. 

Watch the trailer here: 


Are you excited to see the action-filled movie starring Joo Won?

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