Joo Ji Hoon receives offer to lead a web novel based series!

Joo Ji Hoon will reportedly lead the upcoming drama “Golden Hour.”

On September 15th, several media outlets shared that Joo Ji Hoon had been picked as the main lead of the upcoming web novel based drama “Golden Hour.” 

Joo Ji Hoon’s agency H& Entertainment responded to the reports and stated that the actor did receive the offer to lead the drama and he is currently reviewing it. 

“Golden Hour” will tell the story of the severe trauma team that is centered on doctor Baek Kang Hyuk, the head of the severe trauma center at a university hospital. 

The series will be based on a Naver webtoon of the same name written by a real doctor. 

Joo Ji Hoon got the offer to play the lead role named Baek Kang Hyuk. He is a trauma surgeon that is labeled as a crazy and violent angel at the severe trauma center.

If Joo Ji Hoon confirms his casting, this will be his first time in about 10 years to appear in a medical drama. He last starred in the 2013’s series “Medical Top Team.”

“Golden Hour” will be penned by writer  So Hyun Kyung, the same writer of the dramas “My Golden Life,” “Twenty Again,” “Two Weeks,” “49 Days,” and more. 

There are no specific details yet on the broadcast date, channel, and other casts for the upcoming drama. 

If Joo Ji Hoon accepts the offer, this will be his second upcoming drama. The actor will also lead the series “Dominant Species” together with Han Hyo Joo, Lee Hee Joon, Lee Moo Saeng, and Park Ji Yeon.

Joo Ji Hoon will also star in the upcoming films “Gentleman” and the reported “Along with the Gods 3.”


Do you wish to see Joo Ji Hoon portray a doctor role once again through “Golden Hour”?

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