Jin Seon Kyu will reportedly join the second season of “The Uncanny Counter”

Jin Seon Kyu is in talks to join the new season of “The Uncanny Counter.”

On October 11th, several media outlets shared that Jin Seon Kyu will be the newest villain character of the upcoming drama. It was also reported that the script reading for “The Uncanny Counter 2” will be held this October and the production will start filming in November. According to reports, all of the main cast already got the offer to return to the new series. Kim Se Jeong’s side also revealed that the idol actress is positively considering returning to the series. 

Meanwhile, Jin Seon Kyu’s agency L’July Entertainment responded to the casting reports. According to them, the actor did receive the offer but nothing has been decided yet. 

“The Uncanny Counter” ended in January 2021 and it garnered the highest viewer rating among any other OCN original drama. This series rewrote the history of OCN. 

According to reports, the second season will showcase the journey of South Korean counters working alongside overseas counters against new enemies. 

The first season was led by Cho Byeong Kyu, Kim Se Jeong, Yoo Joon Sang, and Yeom Hye Ran. Many are already anticipating the return of the main cast as well as the synergy they will create with the new reported villain, Jin Seon Kyu. 

There are no official details yet on the premiere of “The Uncanny Counter 2.”

If Jin Seon Kyu confirms his casting, this drama will be added to the long list of upcoming projects of the actor. 

Jin Seon Kyu will also join the upcoming dramas “Ransom,” “Casino,” and “The Demon.” He is also included in the upcoming films “Season of You and Me” and “Sweet and Warm.” 


Do you think Jin Seon Kyu is a good fit as the new villain in “The Uncanny Counter 2”?

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