Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming drama “Tell Me Your Wish” reveals its premiere month!

The upcoming KBS and Lifetime drama titled “Tell Me Your Wish” will finally premiere soon. 

On July 11th Lifetime released the first still cuts of the upcoming drama “Tell Me Your Wish.” It featured main lead Ji Chang Wook. It was also revealed that the series would begin its airing this August. 

In the teaser photo, Ji Chang Wook was seen with a blank stare. His arms are full of tattoos. It can also be seen in his eyes that he does not feel a single will to live. 

“Tell Me Your Wish” will revolve around the tough life of Yoon Gyeo Rye. He was raised in an orphanage. He also spent time in a juvenile detention center and prison. Due to an incident, he began working as a volunteer at a hospice. While working at the hospice, Yoon Gyeo Rye grants the last wishes of terminally ill patients. The series was inspired by the real foundation in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of its patients before they die.

Ji Chang Wook will play the role of Yoon Gyeo Rye, the man who had a tough life and struggles to live a normal life. 

He will be working with Girls Generation Choi Soo Young, Sung Dong Il, Won Ji An, Yang Hee Kyung, and Kil Hae Yeon. 

The production team of the drama shared, “Ji Chang Wook perfectly portrays the character named Yoon Gyeo Ree with his visuals, tone, and expression. To know more about the life of Yoon Gyeo Ree when he was in an orphanage, juvenile detention center, and prison, please look forward to the drama.”

“Tell Me Your Wish” will be part of the Wednesday and Thursday drama lineup of KBS. I will air its first episode on August. 

“Tell Me Your Wish” will be the second drama of Ji Chang Wook for the year. He first starred in the Netflix original drama “The Sound of Magic” with Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Youp, Oh So Hyun, Ji Hye Won, and Hong Jung Min.

Ji Chang Wook will also lead the upcoming drama “The Worst Evil” with Wi Ha Joon.


Are you going to watch the new drama starring Ji Chang Wook?

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