Hwang Bo Ra announces marriage to Ha Jung Woo’s brother

Actress Hwang Bo Ra announces her upcoming marriage!

On July 6th actress Hwang Bo Ra and her long-time boyfriend, Kim Young Hoon (brother of actor Ha Jung Woo) announced that they are getting married this November after ten years of being in a romantic relationship. 

Hwang Bo Ra and Kim Young Hoon (singer-actor turned producer and now the CEO of Walkhouse Company) started dating in 2013. They became public about their relationship in 2014. 

The actress is signed under the agency of her boyfriend WalkHouse Company. The agency first released the announcement of the wedding with an official statement. Hwang Bo Ra then followed and also shared the great news on her official Instagram account. 

Here’s the full message of the company: 

Hello, this is WalkHouse Company. 

The CEO of WalkHouse Company, Kim Young Hoon, and actress Hwang Bo Ra who have been in a romantic relationship for years will officially get married in November. 

They will celebrate the wedding privately and will be attended by only family members and close friends. We ask for your understanding that we are not able to give specific details.

We promise to continue to work hard and show you better performance in their respective careers, and we hope you can show them your blessings and warm good wishes.

Here’s the translation of Hwang Bo Ra’s announcement on her Instagram account:

Hello, this is Hwang Bo Ra.

I’m here because I have news that I want to personally convey to people who love me.

I am marrying the person I’ve been with for a long while this November.

Because many people cheered and gave blessings for a long time, we were able to be with each other with firmer hearts.

I want to convey my gratitude to tho who looked at us in a good light. We will live happily together.

Please always take care of your health. Thank you.

Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/pinggumama/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=47a23f3b-fd66-464d-99a8-ab1e15797d0e

Hwang Bo Ra made her debut in 2003. She is known for starring in the dramas “Kiss Sixth Sense,” “Dali and the Cocky Prince,” “Zombie Detective,” “Mystic Pop-Up Bar,” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” and more. 

The actress is currently starring in the ongoing JTBC drama “Miracle.” 

Meanwhile, Kim Young Hoon made his debut as a singer back in the 90s. He goes by the screen name Cha Hyun Woo. In the early 2000s, he ventured into acting. Currently, he is the CEO of WalkHouse Company and is active as a film producer. He is the son of actor Kim Yong Gun and the brother of top actor Ha Jung Woo. 


Congratulations and best wishes to the newly engaged couple!

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