Ha Yoon Kyung in talks to join the series “See You in My 19th Life”

Our spring sunshine Ha Yoon Kyung is already in talks for her next project!

On July 25th it was reported that Ha Yoon Kyung received the offer to star in the upcoming tvN drama “See You in My 19th Life.” 

Ha Yoon Kyung’s agency HODU&U Entertainment responded to the casting reports. According to them, Ha Yoon Kyung is positively considering joining the series. 

“See You in My 19th Life” is a romance drama that will showcase the journey of Ban Ji Eum, who is currently in her 19th live through reincarnation. She will meet Moon Do Ha, the other half she met in her 18th life. The series will base its story on the webtoon of the same name by Lee Hye.

The series will be directed by Lee Na Jung (“Mine” and “Fight For My Way”).

Ha Yoon Kyung got the offer to play the role of Cho Won, the younger sibling of Yoon Joo Won. Yoon Joo Won is the name of Ban Ji Eum in her former life. 

“See You In My 19th Life” will be led by Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun. 

Ha Yoon Kyung is currently starring in the hit ENA and Netflix series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” She is receiving a lot of love for her outstanding portrayal of Choi Soo Yeon, the kindhearted colleague of Woo Young Woo in the drama. 

The actress made her debut on the small screen through the series “Matrimonial Chaos.” She then starred in several dramas such as “Hospital Playlist,” “She Would Never Know,” and “Monthly Magazine Home.” 

Ha Yoon Kyung also starred in the 2022 movie “Mother and Daughter” together with Kim Jung Young, Kim Woo Kyum, and Lee Chae Kyung


Do you wish to see Ha Yoon Kyung work alongside Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun?

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