Girl’s Day Bang Min Ah in talks to work alongside Yoon Chan Young in “Delivery Man”

Girl’s Day Bang Min Ah is in discussion to join Yoon Chan Young in the upcoming ENA drama “Delivery Man.”

On July 20th news outlets revealed that Bang Min Ah received the offer to play the female lead role in the upcoming fantasy drama titled “Delivery Man.” 

Bang Min Ah’s agency hasn’t responded to the casting reports. 

“Delivery Man” will tell the story of a taxi driver who fulfills the last wishes of the ghosts. Earlier, it was reported that Yoon Chang Young will be the main lead of the series. The upcoming series will be produced by Studio Genie. 

Bang Min Ah got the offer to play the role of a ghost who lost her memory and holds the key to solving the stories with the taxi driver. 

“Delivery Man” has already begun filming. The series will premiere at the end of 2022. The drama can be watched through the ENA channel and also through the OTT platform, seezn.

If Bang Min Ah accepts the offer to lead “Delivery Man,” this will be her first drama for the year. She last starred in the 2021 series “Check Out the Event.” The idol actress will also take part in the upcoming movie “Beautiful Woman” with Uhm Jung Hwa, Song Sae Byuk, Park Ho San, Son Byung Ho, and Kim Jae Hwa. 

Bang Min Ah will also lead another upcoming movie titled “It’s Been A Long Time” together with Lee Ga Sub and Yoo Sun Ho.

Bang Min Ah made her debut through the girl group Girl’s Day in 2010. In 2011, she entered the world of acting. Currently, she is focused on her acting career more than being a singer. 

She has starred in several dramas such as “My Absolute Boyfriend,” “Beautiful Gong Shim,” “Sweet, Savage Family,” “The Best Future,” “The Dramatic,” “Vampire Idol,” and more. 

It was also recently revealed that Bang Min Ah has been appointed as the ambassador for the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, which will begin on August 25th.


Do you think Bang Min Ah is a good fit for the upcoming fantasy drama “Delivery Man”?

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