Get the Look: Pretty Proofreader (Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko)

For those of you who have not heard of it before, Pretty Proofreader is the story of one Kouno Etsuko, a woman with plans of becoming a fashion editor but who finds herself in the proofreading department instead. As she takes on each proofreading job, she slowly finds said job, and the friendships she makes along the way, growing on her. Pretty Proofreader is an absolute gem of a drama with a fabulous female lead, a story about perseverance and finding your calling in an unexpected place, and a fun set of side characters. There’s literally nothing not to love. But the cream on top?

The Fashion.

Unsurprisingly (she does want to be a fashion editor after all), Etsuko is a Style. Maven. She kills. She slays. She buries her fashion competition. For myself personally, she’s in my top ten favorite drama fashionistas of all time. So if you love her style as much as I do and would like to recreate it for yourself, read on!


We’ll start with the first outfit Etsuko wears in the series, the black power-suit. Perfect for job interviews, business events, and just generally looking smart and intimidating. This is not Etsuko’s typical style as you only see her wearing this sort of outfit once, but a smart working woman knows to have just such an outfit in her arsenal for whenever the need may arise.

Getting the Look:

The goal of the power suit is to look sleek and professional. You want a well-fitting suit with minimal accessories and nothing that will make your outfit look too fussy. Black is a great color choice, but obviously, you are free to switch it up. And a simple yet elegant hairstyle is probably best for this look.

One suggestion: It’s not something people generally do anymore, but if you can afford it and you have a good seamstress in your area, it wouldn’t hurt to have your suit tailored for the best fit. The fortunate thing about copying Etsuko’s style is that you don’t need multiple tailored suits. You only need one.


I’m dividing this category into two sub-categories, Book Editor and Fashion Editor, as there is a subtle difference between Etsuko’s style in each role. This is also the category with the most outfits.

Etsuko’s everyday work look is ultra-feminine and leans towards dressy casual, with a standard skirt and top combo sometimes broken up by slightly more experimental/high fashion looks. And when I say skirts, I mean lots and lots and lots of skirts. (Seriously, 75 – 80 % of her wardrobe must be skirts.)

Getting the Look:

Obviously, we’ve established that skirts are a major theme. Other key takeaways are scarves (worn around the neck and in the hair), bright socks/tights with dressy shoes, a good purse, the occasional belt/hat, and hair that has been styled simply in some way.

For Etsuko’s style at Lassy, there is a subtle upping of the high fashion aesthetic. After all, when you work for a fashion magazine, you have to look the part, and Etsuko does it to perfection.

Getting the Look:

Still lots of skirts but also more statement pieces and experimentation. This includes some interesting cuts, unique pairing of pieces, and a high fashion aesthetic. Basically, looking to slay the office every day.


This category comes the closest to being as full of outfits as the Work Wear category, and it is by far the most experimental and fun. Cooky hairstyles, comfy knits, everything loose and easy and free, her pajama wardrobe is the ultimate in comfort and really helps to encapsulate Etsuko’s overall personality.

Getting the Look:

Make sure your hair is braided or in rag curls or sloppy or like something an alien would wear. As for clothes, make it loose, make it fuzzy, make it bold. Basically, if your pajama game isn’t channeling Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, you’re not doing it right.


This is where you see the majority of the pants Etsuko has in her wardrobe. (She really does have a lot of skirts, lol.) Most of these outfits are really work wear, but they are casual enough that they deserve a separate category.

Getting the Look:

Pants, lol.

But in seriousness, her casual outfits are generally more dressed up than the average person’s casual wardrobe but in a very street wear kind of way. Can’t forget the mismatched socks and shoes and bold colors and prints but a more fun and carefree use of casual pieces.


We only get to see Etsuko and Yukito go on two dates, and Etsuko’s outfits are very dressed up, so if you’re looking for casual date wear inspo, you’ll want to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to go to a black-tie event with your significant other, then maybe these outfits will inspire you.

Getting the Look:

The lesson from Etsuko seems to be to treat dates like major events. Heels, small evening purses, fancy dresses, and no hint of casual at all, lol.

In matters of true love, go all out.


Surprisingly, Etsuko gets a handful of opportunities to attend important events as part of the editing team, including a couple of fancy-dress parties. And of course, she can’t pass up the chance to express her unique sense of style while showing off her high fashion chops.

Getting the Look:

Here, it’s all about the statement dress. Paired with a simple clutch, her signature heels and bright tights/socks combo, and a simple but classy hairdo, and you’ll nail it.


The first thing you notice about Etsuko’s winter wear is her love of long coats and of fur/faux fur accents. She knows how to stay warm while looking chic.

Getting the Look:

Invest in long coats and some fur/faux fur pieces. And of course, skirts, lol. Not only will you be nice and warm in winter, but you’ll also make an entrance wherever you go.

And One Last Category, Just For Fun:


Obviously, this category is tongue in cheek, as Etsuko’s outfit is a direct result of her feeling despondent and disappointed and somewhat depressed, but it’s also a nice reminder: Even the most confident seeming amongst us goes through hard times. But we can always turn it around.

So the overall lesson from Etsuko’s wardrobe? Go Big or Go Home. You need color, you need prints, you need textures! This is a philosophy she carries into the rest of her life as well. Etsuko knows what she likes, she knows what she wants, and she doesn’t shy away from either. She sets a goal, and she runs towards it.

I hope, after reading this article, you not only feel inspired to check out this fabulous drama, but also to spice up your wardrobe and add some color to your life!

Etsuko would most definitely approve.

(Author’s note: Just for reference, Etsuko wears an average of 8 – 10 different outfits per episode, so overall, she wears almost 100 outfits across the series (+ the special that came out a year later). It took me an eon to track down pictures of every single outfit Etsuko wears in this drama. I tried to avoid having to go into each episode and taking screenshots of every single outfit myself, but I ended up doing it anyway. Did I have to do that? Probably not. Am I that obsessive? Absolutely. But either way, You’re Welcome.)

Edited by: devitto (1st editor)

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