ENA’s upcoming drama “Unlock THe Boss” confirms its main cast!

Chae Jong Hyeop, Park Sung Woong, and Seo Eun Soo are officially confirmed to lead the upcoming ENA series “Unlock the Boss.”

On October 12th, ENA announced that Chae Jong Hyeop, Park Sung Woong, and Seo Eun Soo will join hands for the upcoming thriller comedy drama “Unlock The Boss.” It was also revealed that the drama will officially premiere on November 30. 

“Unlock The Boss” will be the latest work of director Lee Chul Ha and scriptwriter Kim Hyung Min. It will be produced by KT Studio Genie, Hi Ji-seum Studio, and Studio N. 

The upcoming series will adapt its story from the Naver webtoon of the same name written by Park Sung Hyun. It will revolve around the partnership between a CEO trapped in a smartphone and a job seeker that will have a change in life after finding the smartphone. The two will work together to find the killer. 

Chae Jong Hyeop will play the role of Park In Sung. He is a job seeker whose life will have a turnaround after picking up a smartphone wherein the CEO is trapped. With the instructions of the CEO, he will enter his office and find the truth about his death. 

Seo Eun Soo will play the role of Jeong Se Yeon. She is like an AI secretary who also has a hard youth. She also believes that she can’t afford to dream. She will be the rival of Park In Sung who strangely made a turnaround in his life.

Park Sung Woong will play the character named Kim Sun Joo, the CEO of Silverlining, an emerging IT company. He is a world-class developer with a bad personality. Kim Sun Joo was caught up in a mysterious incident and gets trapped in a smartphone. Someone was chasing him which made him trapped in the smartphone. He will then get help from Park In Sung, the person who found him on the smartphone.

“Unlock The Boss” will be part of ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday drama. It will premiere on November 30th at 9 PM KST. 

This will be the third drama that Chae Jong Hyeop will appear in. He also led the series “Love All Play” with Park Ju Hyun. He also made a special appearance in the drama “Sh**ting Stars.” 

Meanwhile, this will be the comeback drama of Seo Eun Seo after two years. She last starred in the series “Missing: The Other Side.” In 2022, the actress appeared in two films such as “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” and “The Witch: Part 2. The Other One.” 

This will be the first official drama of Park Sung Woong for the year. He first made a special appearance this year in the TVING series “Dr. Park’s Clinic” led by Lee Seo Jin and Ra Mi Ran. The actor will also star in the upcoming drama “Bloodhounds.” 


Are you going to watch the upcoming drama “Unlock The Boss”?

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