Currently Watching: Master Of My Own

Currently Watching: Master of My Own

Hello guys!

I would like to recommend to you the currently airing drama Master of My Own.

This article is based on my opinion after watching the first 7 episodes, and may contain mild spoilers.
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  • Drama: Master of My Own 
  • Country: China
  • Native Title: 请叫我总监
  • Also Known As: Qing Jiao Wo Zong Jian, Please Call Me CEO, Please Call Me Director, Secretary Tan
  • Adapted from the novel “Please Call Me The Director” (请叫我总监) by Hong Jiu (红九) 
  • Director: Yao Ting Ting
  • Screenwriter: Hu Fei Zi
  • Episodes: 32 
  • Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Where to watch: Rakuten Viki, Youku


Tan Song Yun as Ning Meng  

Lin Geng Xin  as Lu Ji Ming 

Liu Chang as
 Su Wei Ran
Su Xin as 
Ceng Yu Hang
Wang Xiu Zhu as
 Xu Si Tian 

Gong Bei Bi as
Shi Ying


Let me summarize the story based on what I have watched in 1-7 episodes:
3 years ago, Ning Meng accidentally became Lu Ji Ming’s Personal Secretary. However, her dream was (and is) to become an Investment Director. She patiently waited for 3 years to achieve her dream, only to see the harsh truth that she was actually stuck in the role of Personal Secretary. Lu Ji Ming does not want Ning Meng to leave her job. The rest of the story is about how Ning Meng grows in her career and achieves the goals of her life.

Guessing from the trailer and episode highlights, we will be able to see a lot of character development in Ning Meng as well as Lu Ji Ming in further episodes.


To be honest, this drama initially gave me strong vibes of the Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and then the Chinese drama Love Is Sweet.

But that feeling was only momentary because the plot takes a very different path later.

Who/What got me hooked on this drama?

Tan Song Yun: This woman never fails to amaze me. We see her as a sunny, bubbly, charming woman who gives the feeling of a girl next door. She is a strong and smart woman who doesn’t succumb to setbacks and is ready to fight for her future. Though she never wished to be a personal secretary, she fulfilled her duties perfectly without even the slightest failure. She knows her boss completely, and only she can deal with him. Tan Song Yun portrayed the character of Ning Meng very well. We feel bad when she faces insults, but her perseverance looks amazing. In the initial episodes, we see her with spectacles that give her an entirely different look. I wish they would have continued with it.
Lin Geng Xin: This 34-year-young man also gave complete justification for his role. We feel like punching him through the screen many times. He firmly believes that Ning Meng is tailor-made for the role of his personal secretary. He looks down upon her abilities and talents. Though he has a stoic face and makes us lose our temper with his character, he looks super hot and handsome, especially in the turtle-neck T-shirts.

The (secret/silent?) love: I could feel the chemistry right from the first episode. Though they seem to be rivals, I can feel the love between them just like the undercurrents. In my opinion, Lu Ji Ming has already lost his heart to Ning Meng but he didn’t recognize it yet. He is very much dependent on her psychologically, as she has perfect knowledge of his tastes, ideas and strategies. She knows him very well, and he is aware of that. 

Ning Meng’s stress buster: This is the best stress buster I have ever seen. The way she vents out her anger on Lu Ji Ming is very very funny. I wish I had one like that to vent out anger on my boss. 😉

Gong Bei Bi as Shi Ying: This character is just awesome. They say “Women are women’s worst enemies”. Though it is true to a larger extent, there are still good women. In this drama, Shi Ying is the first person to recognize the talent of Ning Meng. She supports her with full trust and doesn’t belittle her in any way. The way she tried to build the morale of Ning Meng is really awesome. We need women like her in real life who actually can make the Women Empowerment work.
Emotional arousal: The way Lu Ji Ming and some of her co-workers behave with Ning Meng stirs up our emotions and causes angst. We empathize with her and become as eager as her to prove her worth.
The story: The pacing is perfect and there are no fillers. It doesn’t seem much like fiction because this drama perfectly portrayed the corporate office employees and the politics, the way how many employees try to earn credits from higher authorities and make their subordinates scapegoats. Watching this also gives us a feeling of inspiration.

That’s all for this article!
Let’s wait for the twists and turns in the plot and have an emotional roller coaster ride.

Did you start watching this drama? What are your thoughts? 


I hope you enjoy watching this drama as much as I do.

Acknowledgments and Credits:

  1. I thank editors in advance for editing this article, and I thank MDL for giving me a platform to share my thoughts.
  2. Feature image is the poster of the drama and taken from MyDramaList.
  3. The poster image in the details-table is linked to its source, and the other images are screenshots taken by me from the official streaming platform.
  4. GIFs are made by me from the official streaming platforms.

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