An Ultra Fan Guide to Seo Hyun Jin

                                   AN ULTRA FAN GUIDE TO – SEO HYUN JIN



BIRTHDAY– FEB 27, 1985





Seo Hyun Jin  debuted as the main vocalist for the Korean girl group M.I.L.K in 2001.

M.I.L.K consisted of four members and debuted under SM’s sister label BM entertainment, however, disbanded in 2003 releasing only one album.

Following the disbandment she went on to major in musicology at Dongduk University. 
Later on in 2006 she started focusing on her acting career.

She eventually started with musicals and later went on to dramas and films.


  ◉  Shall we take a quick look at her acting career? 

She made her debut in dramas through the historical Hwang Jin Yi, in which she played a support role.

She played her first leading role in The duo and garnered some attention from the netizens.


In The Beauty Inside, Hyun-jin plays the role of a famous celebrity, Han Se Gye, elegant and glamorous : she’ll manage to capture your heart. 

I think The Beauty Inside is where I first saw Seo Hyun Jin as long as my memory isn’t deceiving me. She managed to capture my whole attention with her acting skils and managed to bring out the absolute powerful celebrity aura. I was honestly amazed because this was my first time seeing her, I wondered why I had never come across any of her other works.  

“This is a role that will definitely stick with me for a long time “

2- DR. ROMANTIC – 2016

In Dr. Romantic, she plays a doctor who’s hardworking and resilient. Completely different from her role in The Beauty Inside, I was more than glad to see how wide her acting spectrum was.

With my second time seeing her, this time I was sure I became a huge fan of hers, I saw her in a completely different role and was quite impressed with her portrayal. From this drama, I also came to the conclusion she was a chemistry queen after seeing her burning chemistry with Yoo Yeon Seok.


With Another Oh Ha Young, I deliberately chose to watch it because our Seo Hyun Jin was starring in it (now that I considered myself a fan of hers and all hehe). I think this is where she managed to completely lure me into her trap with her amazing acting skills. Netizens had a lot of positive things to say about her ever so realistic portrayal.

My love for her acting wasn’t an individual preference, but with the help of this drama, she managed to bag a Daesang ! 

4- LET’S EAT 2- 2015

Seo Hyun jin caught the public’s interest with Let’s eat 2, which was her first attempt at a romantic comedy, in which she plays the role of a bright and cheery foodie. 

I was surprised to know this was her first time playing in a rom-com because she portrayed her character so naturally. You get to see her take on a bubbly and clumsy role that you can relate to.



Temperature of Love
Black Dog
You Are My Spring
The Three Musketeers
The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang
Goddess of Fire 
Oh Ja Ryong is Coming 
Feast of the Gods 
The Peak 
The Duo 


Why Her?She will take on the role of a rising attorney who suddenly watches her career fall down and is now a professor at a law school.

Set to release on June 3rd, she portrays a powerful woman who’s not afraid to step up and get what she wants.


1-  In 2019 she became the ambassador of the National tax service of Korea along with actor Lee Je Hoon

2- She rarely uses social media 

She keeps her personal life separate from her celebrity image and does not have any social media accounts except on Twitter @jini26991 , in which she is not very active either
So very little is known about her personal life

3- She loves knitting 

She has a variety of hobbies including knitting, traveling, and playing the game Rummikamb!

4- She’s best friends with her Co-star Jeon Hye Bin from Another Oh Ha Young 

They’ve even traveled to Antarctica together!

5- The rom-com queen enjoys cooking lately 

In an interview with Vogue, she said she cooks and experiments on her younger brother, and a dish she was confident in is suyuk ( boiled pork) 

And apparently, she failed at making kimchi pancakes xd

P.S. : ActressJeon Hye Bin has verified that her cooking is delicious hehe 

6- Actor Choi Woo Shik‘s portrait of Seo Hyun Jin teehee

Choi Woo Shik who’s also under management SOOP as of writing drew all his fellow actors’ portraits and here’s our star’s

um, I can’t even spot the difference, can you? >< 

 ◉ OSTs you can find on Spotify – 


And with that, we’ve come to an end to our short guide to Seo Hyun Jin, this short guide does not do justice to how amazing she is but I hope you can feel my love!

hopefully, you learned something new about her and enjoyed scrolling, until next time.

All images do not belong to me and a link to the source is attached to each image. The cover picture is my screenshot and the banners are mine.

I thank MDL and its editors for giving me this opportunity!

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