After School’s Nana to make a special appearance in “Love In Contract”

After School’s Nana will be making a special appearance in the upcoming drama “Love in Contract.”

On September 20th, tvN unveiled still cuts of Nana with main lead Kim Jae Young. The picture confirmed that the idol-actress will be making a special appearance in the soon-to-air series “Love in Contract.” 

“Love in Contract” will be about a helper service that provides wives to single people who need partners to take on gatherings for married couples and school reunions. The story will focus on Choi Sang Eun who will get involved with her two clients such as Jung Ji Ho who has a long-term exclusive contract for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Kang Hae Jin who recently signed for the Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays schedule.

Nana will play the role of top actress Yumi who currently works alongside Kim Jae Young’s character, Kang Hae Jin in a drama. 

In the released photo, Nana’s character Yumi was seen facing Kang Hae Jin in a cold and unusual atmosphere. It was also seen that Yumi is angry with Kang Hae Jin but he’s avoiding her gaze.

The production team shared, “Nana perfectly portrayed the role of Yumi who will be the drama partner of Kim Jae Young’s character. Please look forward to Nana’s cameo appearance.”

The upcoming series will be helmed by Nam Sung Woo ( “Kkondae Intern” and “100 Days My Prince”) and will be penned by Ha Gu Dam.

“Love in Contract” will be led by  Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Jae Young, Jin Kyung, Kang Hyung Suk, Park Chul Min, and Park Kyung Hye. The series will premiere on September 21, at 10:30 PM KST.

This will be the first appearance of Nana on the small screen for 2022. After this series, the idol actress will join the upcoming Netflix original drama “Glitch” together with Jeon Yeo Been. 

Nana will also star in the 2023 dramas “My Man Is Cupid” and “Mask Girl.” 


Are you curious how Nana will portray her role in the upcoming drama “Love in Contract”?

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