6 Best Moments from the K-Drama “One Dollar Lawyer”

The ongoing legal K-Drama “One Dollar Lawyer” has been sweeping the charts with its high ratings! 

And with only 3 episodes left, the drama is keeping fans on the edge of their seats with its dynamic plot.

“One Dollar Lawyer” revolves around a great lawyer whose professional fee costs only a thousand Korean won (roughly $1 USD). He is one of the most skilled lawyers in the country and he usually battles against expensive lawyers and rich clients who break the law. 

Before we bid goodbye to this legal comedy, let’s recall some of the best moments that will remain with us forever.

Spoiler alert: The article may give out spoilers from some of the episodes! 

Cheon Ji Hun Playing Bingo

In episode 3, When Cheon Ji Hun (Namkoong Min) challenges CEO Mo Tae Yong (Jung Kyu Soo) to a bingo game, Ji Hoon had a slim chance to win.

So, what does our clever “One Dollar Lawyer” do? He dictates Korean laws to his caller, Baek Ma Ri (Kim Ji Eun).

In the middle of the game, Cheon Ji Hun starts dictating Baek Ma Ri Korean laws. And clever Baek Ma Ri understands his intentions and guesses the numbers he needs to win the game.

This clever trick won him the game, and as promised by CEO Mo Tae Yong, Cheon Yeong Bae (Kim Hyung Mook) was expelled from the company.

And once again, Cheon Ji Hun proved that he is a lawyer you shouldn’t mess with.

Cheon Ji Hun, Baek Ma Ri, and Sa Mu Jang Investigating the Crime Scene

In episode 4, Cheon Ji Hun bravely tells that he will be going to the crime site, and commands Baek Ma Ri and Sa Mu Jang (Park Jin Woo) to join him.

Funny enough, Cheon Ji Hun also tells them to address him as Detective Cheon.

But when the three of them are standing at the gate of the house (of the crime site), Baek Ma Ri fearlessly walks in but our “Detective Cheon” and Sa Mu Jang stand frozen at the sight of the house.

Sa Mu Jang says, “My legs are cramping up”. And our brave Detective Cheon gives an excuse saying, “It’s too dark, so I’ll come back later”.

Watching them investigate the crime scene while trying to hide their fears made the entire scene funny and exciting to watch.

Cheon Ji Hun Deciphering the Audio

In episode 5, Cheon Ji Hun is watching the video taken by Baek Ma Ri trying to decipher it.

He comes up with the conclusion that the ladies in the video (Kim Su Yeon and Han Jae Sook) are talking about the squid price while sitting at an expensive restaurant. And after guessing wrong, he even flaunts his “rare talent”.

Then Baek Ma Ri brings a labiomancy report and reveals the actual conversation that took place in the video between Kim Su Yeon(Han Dong Hee) and her maid Han Jae Sook (Lee Hyun Seo).

This scene is another example of how lawyer Cheon Ji Hun never misses a chance to play around.

Lee Je Hoon Cameo

The scene opens on a red carpet, and we can see a crowd of reporters and fans cheering for the celebrities. Just at that moment, who do we see coming out of the vanity van? None other than Lee Je Hoon.

Dressed in a black tuxedo, with a charming smile on his face, Lee Je Hoon steals the show with his entry and makes the crowd go crazy!

Moreover, he subtly wishes the drama finishes as a big success ( the “awww” moment!)

Cheon Ji Hun and Seo Min Hyeok on the Red Carpet

Just after Lee Je Hoon’s cameo appearance, comes one of the funniest scenes in the whole drama Cheon Ji Hun and Seo Min Hyeok (Choi Dae Hoon) on the red carpet.

The backstory is as follows:

In episode 7, the drama travels back to 5 years ago when Cheon Ji Hun was a prosecutor. In the scene, he is trying to indict Choi Ki Tae (Yoon Na Moo), a CEO of a big conglomerate company for slush funds.

But he faces opposition from his seniors who tell him to stop the search and seizure at Choi Ki Tae’s office.

And to prevent him from escaping from the situation, Cheon Ji Hun and Seo Min Hyeok handcuff Choi Ki Tae.

But instead of taking him to the prosecutor’s office, they took him to the red carpet event.

This was one of the funniest scenes in the drama. Two prosecutors, handcuffed with a suspect, are standing on a red carpet.

And the newspapers wrote;

“Third Generation Chaebol and a Prosecutor Stand Together on the Red Carpet”.

Cheon Ji Hun gets a good scolding from his boss but succeeds in bringing Choi Ki Tae to the court.

Cheon Ji Hun Fooling Seo Min Hyeok

In episode 9, when Sa Mu Jang is victimized by a car dealer fraud, Cheon Ji Hun and Baek Ma Ri decide to catch the scammers.

Cheon Ji Hun comes to the car dealer pretending to buy a van. But when the dealer tries to trick him, just like he did to Sa Mu Jang, Cheon Ji Hun plays him back and stubbornly refuses to buy any other car. Him playing with the car dealer is a good laugh-out moment.

And when the car dealer tries to run away, Baek Ma Ri, determined to catch him, runs in heels after him. After catching the fraud dealer, Ji Hoon and Ma Ri decide to forgive him on the condition that he gives them a job at the dealer company where he works.

Cheon Ji Hun and Baek Ma Ri disguise themselves as the dealer’s cousins and work for the scammy car company that sold a faulty car to Sa Mu Jang and many other victims.

Cheon Ji Hun first customer is Seo Min Hyeok, who comes with the pretense to buy a car. But in reality, he and prosecutor Na Ye Jin (Gon Min Jung) are investigating the fraud car dealer case.

Cheon Ji Hun even manages to convince Seo Min Hyeok that he is working part-time to afford his living. And naïve Seo Min Hyeok even believes him.

He convinces Seo Min Hyeok o buy a faulty car, and their kooky but comical performance makes the scene hilarious and entertaining.

Expectations from Episode 10

Episode 10 of “One Dollar Lawyer” ended with suspense. Cheon Ji Hun gets a visit from a guy (who in the previous scene, injected another man with something dangerous).

But Cheon Ji Hun seems to be familiar with this dangerous man.

Is he the one who killed Cheon Ji Hun fiancé Lee Joo Young (Lee Chung Ah)?

Only the next episode will tell!

When and where to watch episode 10 of “One Dollar Lawyer”?

Episode 10 of “One Dollar Lawyer” will be released on October 29th. You can watch the series on Disney + and Disney+ Hotstar. 

What were your best moments from the drama? Let us know in the comments!

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