30 All Time Favorite OST’s: Summer 2022 Edition

30 All Time Favorite OST’s: Summer 2022 Edition

Hello, dear MDL readers! 

This will be my second themed Summer editorial I’ve done in a while. 

Takes a long time to make, but it’s so rewarding and refreshing! 

Cheers for good luck and inspiration, and without much further ado, let’s begin this fun journey in the vast world of original soundtracks!

Note: Loosely inspired by my previous musical editorial with Autumn theme!

(GIF image source: deokmis on Tumblr) ( From Korean series Thirty-Nine (2022)

Additional selection: First, give a listen to the fantastical soundtracks from a fresh 

Netflix original production, The Sound of Magic!

(Album photo cover source: Netflix Korea on Twitter and official songs found at VLENDING 블렌딩 on YouTube)

The entire official album with various artists included is now on Spotify!

Fair Warning: 

The entire article contains major visual spoilers since music videos are included! 

Best fitted to read in light and dark mode! (Scenes are inevitably included.)

Our Beloved Summer (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

(GIF image source: sofarawayinthemilkyway on Tumblr) ( From Korean series Thirty-Nine (2022)

All the album photo covers were found at Namuwiki.

Click on each photo to see and listen these gorgeous soundtracks!

The entire album can be found at Spotify!

My thoughts and opinions:

These soundtracks came into to my life as a pleasant and gentle summer breeze, as each note was coated with a different vibe and feeling, making it unable for me to ever forget about it! For instance, the first song, expresses the beautiful, happy memories of Choi Woong’s childhood, that will transform into painful moments during adulthood, as sometimes the embedded feeling of anyone being unable to ever return to those fond and so innocent times, remains only as past memories, that are sometimes taken out from an old dusted drawer.

As the story progresses, melodies that surround  Kook Yeon Soo’s and Woong’s past, begin to surface, as most of the tones are slow and mellow, speaking of long lost opportunities or regrets, but also healing through patience and time, as they will find their way back in life, conquering each setback, through new found determination, while rekindling the flame of first love, which once seemed to vanish from Yeon Soo’s life completely.

I love the fact that this drama tells  a strong message, not only meant for teens or young adults, but also elders and that is: Open up and speak your mind to those you truly care about, because life, with it’s unpredictable circumstances and time, waits for no one and don’t let misunderstandings to be unsolved. Always keep in mind, sincerity in its truest form is the key to one’s heart!

If you feel the need for some meditation or a deeper soul searching,

 these melodies will be the right medicine for you!  

Note: More details with spoilers can be found in this particular page

Episode Title, OST, Literature and more hints discussion!

A big thank you to o_reo123 for creating this interesting

 thread with useful info for everyone!

Song: Drawer by10cm OST Part 1

“Under the sunlight
I used to run around
with my short breath

If you go through a winding alley
and follow the road
You’ll remember the same memory

The time as an adult
It still fills me awkwardly

A lot has changed
But it’s the same here
You’ll feel the same

I was soaked in sweat.
We’re you and I are now
I can’t go back…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)

(Official music video source

모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Maybe If by BiBi OST Part 2

“Woke up in the morning
Hearing your voice
May If I was with you

Maybe, If we spent our difficult days together
what would we have been?

The distance between you and me
It never seems to disappear
You and your words were frozen on me

Let’s say, by chance
If we meet again,
If I were to do something for you,
Will it changes a little,

For the reason we had to break up
I would try try try
Can I hug you?…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Squabble by Ha Sung Woon OST Part 3

“You don’t like everything
What’s wrong with you?
I think you only choose the things
you really hate and do it to me

There’s nothing that’s changed
even if we meet again
Even if I curse all night long,
I don’t think there’s going to be an end

Even by chance, you and I
We shouldn’t have met each other

We only have time to argue for few hours
It’s frustrating because there’s nothing in common…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)

(Official music video source

모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song:There for You by Kim Na Young OST Part 4

“On the street where the darkness fell,
where your memory that I hid deeply
I took it out without realizing it

When we were together at the same time
The stories that I’ve been trying to capture
It comes to me and waves my hand

Actually, even if I pretend I’m fine,
I’m afraid you’ll find out how hard I feel
Trying hard to hide my shaky eyes
I’m looking at you now

And I always can’t say anything
Why do you look so harsh?
That’s how I spent my feeling
I think of you in pain like that’s how I feel…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Christmas Tree by V  (BTS) OST Part 5

“In this moment
I see you
It always comes around
As I believed

When the rain stops
You shine on me
Your light’s the only thing
that keeps the cold out

Moon in the summer night
Whispering of the stars
They’re singing like
Christmas trees for us

So I’ll tell you
A Million tiny things that
You have never known
It all gets tangled up inside…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Why by Janet Suhh OST Part 6                                            

“Someday we’ll miss the days we had
Someday we’ll be together again
Again again and again

Why do you always appear to me
When I try to forget you
I stir my heart
again and again

Every night, when I close my eyes and open them,
It was you again.
Shouting “I’m tired of it”
Even if I try to run away and throw it away,

You don’t fall off like a tail

(Lyrics source: Kgasa) 

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Additional song: Home by Janet Suhh  OST Part 6

(Note: Click on highlighted title to listen this OST)

“My tired heart
Gather my tired heart in one side
And look back here oh my home
It’s okay, that what I say to the day I endured

What I wanted to say
to me back then
Even if I don’t want to say

That heart I knew was my home

After so many times goes by
An another memory comes
You were my home

I knew how to lean on you and what should I say?
I’m delivering my clumsy heart like this
If only we could stay by your side like that
Like we used to
I’m back home…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  (Official audio source YouTube)

(GIF images source: itachanta on Tumblr and movielosophy on Tumblr from Japanese movie Love Like the Falling Petals (2022)

Song: The Giving Tree by Lee Seung Yoon OST Part 7 

“Like a tall hill tree
Your memory to me
It was a comfortable shade when I rested

Now that I have become an adult
I still haven’t fully grown up inside of me
There are memories that still remains

You are always the same
Memories of you never fade in me

Like a hill tree
Your memory to me
It was a shade if you rested on me…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Summer Rain by Sam Kim OST Part 8

“The place we walked together
Somewhere at the entrance of the alley
I used to share with you
the shy stories

You make me rest
And the smile that filled my heart
The gaze that kept snooping at you

I like slightly touching shoulder
and back of your hands that pass by
We walk side by side
We sing with a nasal voice, uhm, uhm

All the words you wanna say
You don’t have to hide anything from me
Rest to me
Don’t cry alone
Don’t get sick alone
Cuz I’m the only one
Only one for you…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  (Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Even Now by Yang Yoseop OST Part 9

“The whispering sound of my heart
Whenever I meet you, I feel like I can hear you inside me
My expressions that were frozen
Why do I think of you when you leave?

It’s out of control
Is it love?
Why can I even move my heart
As I wish

We’ve been close to each other
Not even one of them is a bad day
On a day when we could love each other without regrets,
What did we do?

To say that I loved you
I still like you so much

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: I Will Make You Happy by Jang Beom June OST Part 10

“A man who changes clothes every day.
A woman who always says she doesn’t have anything to wear today
A man who keeps forgetting small things
Her memory gets better when she’s angry

If I’m with you like this, I think I’ll be fine
If you don’t mind, I’d love to be with her
If I’m with you like this, it might be harder
If it’s okay, I’ll make sure you are happy

When I was drinking, I always talked to you
These songs mean the melody with you
When I play the guitar, I always talk about you
These lyrics mean the melody with you

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)

Song: Our Beloved Summer by Kim Kyung Hee OST Part 11

“Sorry I’m gonna leave
I’m driving so far
Tell me when you
Coming to me and say
you want me again
Never wanna lose me
Cuz I’ll be missing you

Even when I look back
In the end, It’s you again. That’s why I like you
I’m afraid you’ll move away from me again

Never enough
Just for one night
I got lots of things
Gotta tell you all night long…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  

(Official music video source 모스트콘텐츠 MOSTCONTENTS on YouTube)  

Additional song: Red String of Fate by Kim Kyung Hee OST Part 11 

(Note: Click on highlighted title to listen this OST)

“You’re like this to me
With a nice smile
And Talk to me on the spot

The warm laughter that you showed to me
It makes my heart shine even more

When I dream of you
Full of your colors
in a white paper
It’s our time in the picture
Still I have
Your bright face
We had a great time
And you from that day  …”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  (Official audio source YouTube) 

(GIF image source: itachanta on Tumblr and movielosophy on Tumblr from Japanese movie Love Like the Falling Petals (2022)

Instrumental soundtracks playlist from 

various artists are included in the next photo:(Official audio source YouTube)

Rookie Cops (2022)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

All the album photo covers were found at Namuwiki.

The entire official album can be found at Spotify!

The official list with instrumental soundtracks 

featuring various artists is available on YouTube!

My thoughts and opinions:

Are you craving for a good weekend or Sunday outing? Well, these melodies will make you feel this way, even more so, because even the ballads in this production give off a warm and joyful theme, not only meant for the upbeat tunes.

This is truly one of the most touching stories about true and everlasting bonds of friendship and love in their purest form. Along with the best acting I’ve seen in such a long time, the young generation of the Korean National Police University aspires to have better futures through the power of perseverance, until the squad manages to achieve their goals even further, after many continuous fails and trials.  

Each character actually learns actively from its mistakes, developing into a better version of themselves, in time, through meaningful dialogues and communication. Meanwhile, every soundtrack is a warm delight and true ray of sunlight, as it takes its listeners on a adventurous journey, letting one self connect better with their inner thoughts, feelings and ideals, so I can firmly say these songs are meant to give off the perfect amount of energy and happiness, everyone longs for after a tiring day or week.

The basic moral of the story, can be inspiring for everyone: Do not let what others say about you, stop you, because if you can keep believing in your set of values and stay true to yourself, you’re bound to achieve something meaningful for you, the future, or even the world, no matter how tough the road ahead is sometimes. 

(GIF images source: Tumblr

Song: Because of You by Chancellor OST Part 1

“Bloom in my heart and came like a sunlight
In every beat of my heart
When the time comes, I will say it

I’ve been waiting for you
Uncountable star, You and Me here
just a step closer
I want to talk to the night skies,
holding my fluttering heart

Because of you
If you just stay close to me
in this new time
We can withstand every
strong wind, tiresome day…”

(Lyrics source: Kgasa)  (Official music video source: MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴 on YouTube

Songs: Police Class by Lucy OST Part 2   |   My Sunlight by Ha Hyun Sang OST Part 3

Songs: Time by Kwon Eun Bi OST Part 4  | What A Wonderful Day by Dvwn OST Part 5

(Official lyrics and music videos source: MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴 on YouTube

Goblin (2016)

This golden collection of amazing songs, it’s a surprise 

and an old promise of mine for my readers!

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

My thoughts and opinions:

No matter how much time will pass, I strongly believe this golden collection of soundtracks will remain unique! Why, you might wonder? It’s simple, because the way it reflects emotions, with the highest quality in terms of cinematography and acting, many fond moments remain engraved in the listeners memories, much clearer than ever before, even more because the entire track list was composed and sung by really famous artists, who gained many awards for this production, not to mention much admiration from international fans! 

Let’s take a look at some mind blowing facts, and decide for yourselves if it’s indeed worth it:

“The renowned duet of “Stay With Me,” went viral among the public quite soon after the release. The official video was released on December 3rd, 2016; it hit one million views in merely 24 hours. According to Billboard and YouTube, the music video was the third most-watched around the world for December 2016, and fifth most-watched music video for the first half of 2017. “Stay With Me” became the most-watched Korean OST music video of all-time. By early December 2019, the video had around 189 million views and received 1.8 million likes on YouTube.”

 (Source: Channel Korea)

Actually, “Stay With Me”, expresses the longing of waiting for one’s beloved person, as well the sudden confusion and fuzziness someone experiences when falling in love.

“The duo 10cm also participated in the track list of the hit drama Goblin with the song “Only In My Eyes.” Particularly, the song was focused on the main characters of the drama Kim Shin who is a Goblin and Ji Eun-tak. The song was played into the scene where Goblin and Ji Eun-tak went to Canada.”  (Source: here)

For me, this song represents the awkwardness, cuteness and playfulness of Ji Eun Tak, as she starts to discover unfamiliar feelings.

The melody “Hush” describes a sense of warmth and softness but also tells the first times of Kim Shin, who begins to slowly realize his true feelings for the lovely Eun-Tak, mixed with moments of sadness and loneliness.

Next on the list, is everyone’s favorite because of the soothing piano tones along with the elegance of R&B music genre. You guessed by now: “Beautiful” by Crush, holds inside tender feelings and memories of these lovers, who are separated and wish wholeheartedly to return back to each other, someday, as they remain tied together with the red thread of fate, throughout centuries in time. A truth told by our elders says, everything feels much better, if you share it with your dear companions or loved ones, giving off a feeling of accomplishment in life, mostly good for the mind and soul.

In the meantime, “Who Are You” by Sam Kim, is just perfect to listen on rainy days or if you’re feeling melancholic, because it has a tender, yet sad tone attached to the singer’s voice.

On the other hand, Ailee sang “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” with one explosive tone but also a really emotional voice. The meaning behind this song is even much stronger as it tells Eun Tak’s and Kim Shin’s  deepest desire, to never be apart from each other even after all the harsh trials they must go through, this way their love will continue to bloom and endure, like the flowers that withstand the cold winter or heavy rain showers.

These soundtracks will be everyone’s first love,

 when it comes to Korean entertainment! How about you, my fellow readers? 

Which melody you loved the most or still continues to impress you?

(GIF image source: sofarawayinthemilkyway on Tumblr) ( From Korean series Thirty-Nine (2022)

All the album photo covers were found at Namuwiki.

The entire album can be found at Spotify!

First, 8  aleatory instrumental songs from YouTube, with various artists 

are included in each graphic image below:

“I guess something good must have happened. 

You sure make those flowers blossom beautifully.” 

(GIF images and quote source: oneandoneandonly on Tumblr

Now moving on to the main soundtracks of the magnificent production, 

that continues to sweep its viewers off their feet to this day:

Song: Stay with Me (Chanyeol and Punch OST) Part 1

“When I close my eyes
I see those eyes

My heart kept aching
So I wanted to forget

If this is a dream, please let me wake up
Are you really my destiny?
Falling you

Like destiny, falling
You’re calling out to me, calling
I can’t escape
Please hold me

Are you the line of my fate?
Are you the one I’ve been waiting for?
Why is my heart sinking?…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official music video source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: My Eyes by 10Cm OST Part 2

“Only your voice sounds so loud to me
I can’t hear anything else
Only your eyes look so big to me
Am I going crazy?

All day, I only thought of you
Maybe something’s wrong with my head
Do I like you now?
Or am I just crazy?

You keep going like this and that
Shaking me up
You keep coming back and forth
Confusing me

I keep seeing you, even in my dreams
I see you, even when I try to avoid you
Wherever I am, you’re there, even when I close my eyes
Your heart
Only my eyes can see
Only my eyes can see…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: Hush by Lasse Lindh OST Part 3

“Through the endless daydream
I saw you on the way back
There I walked with you in my arms

Through the blurry darkness
Who’s veiling on the twilight
We’ve been far away from my fears

Somewhere else I’ll see you
Our days be like a blossom
Blooming all around you
so bright

By and by, I’ll miss you
and your laugh like a sunshine
Fading into shadow of tears…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: Beautiful by Crush OST Part 4

“It’s a beautiful life
I’ll stay by your side
It`s a beautiful life
I’ll stand right behind you
Beautiful love
If I am with you under this sky

Just breathing alone makes me happy
It`s a beautiful life
Beautiful day
I live in your memories
Beautiful life
Beautiful day
Stay by my side

Beautiful my love
Beautiful your heart
It`s a beautiful life
It`s a beautiful life..”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official music video source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: You’re So Beautiful by Eddy Kim OST Part 5

“You keep asking
You always want to check
I tell you the same things every day
I tell you but why do you keep asking?

My lips are drying, cold sweat drips down
You know the answer
But the words you wanna hear
The words you wanna hear
The words that test me

You’re so beautiful
You’re beautiful
Why don’t you believe me?
I tell you and tell you
But you still look mad…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: Who Are You by Sam Kim OST Part 6

“Where I am
Who I am
I’m trapped in this bitterness
A lot of people walked past me
This place is where everyone just walked past me
Where I am

Who are you
Who are you
I can’t hide this happiness
I flipped the world to find you
You who came into my dreams
Where are you

I will find you
I will recognize you
Despite where you are
Despite who you are
I will recognize you..”

(Lyrics source: iLyricsBuzz)  (Official  audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube)

Song: I Miss You by Soyou OST Part 7

“When I look at you, tears keep falling
I don’t know why

Did you go round and round
To come to me?
I can’t avoid this love

I love u love u love u
I call it fate

And I miss u miss u
You are my destiny

Why are you looking at me
With those sad eyes?
Don’t cry

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official  audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: The First Snow by Jung Joonil OST Part 8

“Please touch my heart, just once
All day, it’s so cold

The sky is colder than the winter
I’m standing beneath
Even my tears are frozen

Please quietly call out to me, just once
My name that you countlessly called out
Even if I go past eternity
And look only one day, no, just one minute

If only I could, I’ll endure

At the end of this wait
I hope you will be standing there

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official music video source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: I Will Go to You Like The First Snow by Ailee OST Part 9

“Before I held you, I didn’t know
That the world I was in
Was this bright

I reached you with a small breath of life
It’s a love that called out to me fearlessly

I liked it so much
Watching over you, my heart fluttering
Even when I was ridiculously jealous
All of those ordinary moments

In the dark eternity
In that long wait
Like sunshine, you fell down to me

Before I let go of you, I didn’t know
That the world I am in
Was this lonely

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: Wish by Urban Zakapa OST Part 10

“After a tiring day
When I came home
Strangely, I felt an unfamiliar feeling

An unknown dizziness
An unknown frustration
Will I be okay?

One day, two days, a week has passed
Time is flowing
But I’m only looking at the sky
Like a person without any thoughts

I’m blaming myself and laughing at myself
Becoming more and more miserable
Without you, I’m so pitiful…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official music video source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: And I’m Here by Kim Kyung Hee OST Part 11

“And I’m here just, just like
I used to be
We were here in old days,
with you, with me

All my fears have gone
when you whisper to me
No matter how near or
far apart, apart

When you feel so lonely,
I’ll be here to shelter you

(Have you completely erased
me from your memories? , from yours?)…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube) 

2 additional songs are here:

Stuck in love by Kim Kyung Hee OST Part 11   &   Winter is Coming by Han Suji OST Part 11 

(Note: Click on highlighted titles to listen these OST‘s) 

“How can I get over you
Why do we have to be apart

We go where nobody has ever been

And we come again
from the place we have never known

There are too many shadows
of your love everywhere around me

Stuck, stuck, stuck in love

Mysterious light,
I’m still discovering…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audios source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

(GIF images and quote source:: Tumblr

“I’m home. I’ve never had a place to return to. It feels strange. This place really feels like home today.

Song: Heaven by Roy Kim & Kim EZ (Ggot Jam project) OST Part 12

“I’m wasting my word
wasting my time
After I gave you everything
Every day is changing
I felt it

I felt my heart opening for you

You wake up my heart
and walk to my world
I call you a miracle

Out of everything that breathes
I wanna only remember you
Only feel you, only care for you
I wanna place you close to me
She blew me away…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official music video  source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: Love by Mamamoo OST Part 13

“Why were you in my dreams last night?
Like coincidence, we keep running into each other

I’m getting used to your indifferent way of talking
This heart fluttering feeling isn’t because I like you

My empty heart feels weird these days
Even the moonlit night makes me feel complicated

You you you if you still awake
What are you thinking?
You you you if you feel alone
Do you feel the same?

Sometimes, things get awkward for no reason
Only foolish words are said…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

Song: Round and round by Heize (ft. Han Soo Ji) OST Part 14

See Ya Never gone my way
Better will someday
Never far away

I’ll see you again
Even though things didn’t go the way I want
Some day, things will get better
I won’t go too far

See Ya Never gone my way
Better on my stay
Never far away

I’ll see you again
Even though things didn’t go the way I want
It will be better for you to stay here
Because I won’t go too far…”

(Lyrics source: Popgasa)  (Official audio source: Stone Music Entertainment on YouTube

By Liu Yu Ning: “The Only Light” from Hello, the Sharpshooter (2022) 

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)  (Official music video with lyrics source  WeTVPhilippines on YouTube)

By Xueran Chen “Upside Down” from  Why Women Love (2022)

(Official photo and music video with lyrics source  YOYOROCK滾石移動 -歡迎訂閱-  on YouTube)

3 melodies by Charlie Zhou Shen: 

“Returning Home” from  Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities (2022)

(Album  photo cover source: Weibo) (Official music video: Croton MEGA HIT on YouTube)

Mermaid Song” from The Blue Whisper: Part 1 (2022)

(Album  photo cover source: Weibo) (Official lyrics video: YOYOROCK滾石移動 -歡迎訂閱-  on YouTube)

Versus “My Only” from Reset (2022)

(Album  photo cover source: Weibo) (Official lyrics video: YOYOROCK滾石移動 -歡迎訂閱-  on YouTube)

Wait up, this article isn’t over yet! 

Something exciting will come up in the following chapter!

(GIF image source: sofarawayinthemilkyway on Tumblr) ( From Korean series Thirty-Nine (2022)

By the way, The Blue Whisper: Part 2 (2022)

finally aired since 4th April, on Youku!

From renowned director Chu Yui Bun of Eternal Love of Dream (2020)

and The Long Ballad (2021).

(Poster source: Weibo )

Another much awaited historical drama, Who Rules The World (2022),

is officially scheduled to air this 18th April on WeTV and Tencent!

From renowned director Yin Tao of Ancient Love Poetry (2021)

and Love and Redemption (2020).

(Poster source: WeTVOfficial on Twitter)

A very heartwarming slice of life story is going to air starting 9th April,

 streamed globally on Netflix! Introducing with opened arms, Our Blues (2022)

(Poster source: Soompi)

One amazingly hilarious series about the backdrop of tiring jobs in the entertainment business, like the PR department and the messy things that happen there. Coming on WeTV, iQiyi and Viki since 22nd April, so get ready for a Sh**ting Stars (2022)!

(Poster source: WeTVOfficial on Twitter)

An impressive line up of guest appearances 

will be shown here, according to MyDramaList!

Final Touch: Four gorgeous scenes from K drama series like Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022), Doom at Your Service (2021) and Come and Hug Me (2018) respectively, from Japanese movie Love Like the Falling Petals (2022) in the middle.

(Last GIF image sources:  junghaesin on Tumblr, here, here, here and movielosophy on Tumblr from Japanese movie Love Like the Falling Petals (2022)

May each one of you, have a more peaceful Summer ahead!

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Sources: MyDramatist, Weibo, here, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, TvN, Netflix, Disney+, Wikipedia, Soompihere, WeTV, lyrics were found at Popgasa, iLyricsBuzz, Kgasa and here. Meanwhile English posters are from themoviedb.org, here, here and here. Wallpapers used for banners are from here, here, here, here and here. GIF images source are from Tumblr, here, here here. here, here and here. All the pictures were edited by Cryssy Anne with an online tool called Pixlr XThe album photo covers for soundtracks were found at Namuwiki, here and here. More comments and facts about the soundtracks from series “Goblin” can be found at Channel Korea. Last GIF images sources are from here, herehere and here

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